About Chlorine Floaters and Feeders

Two common tools to help maintain proper chlorine levels are chlorine floaters and chlorine feeders. Understanding the distinctions between these two chlorinators is key to making informed choices for effective pool sanitization. So what is a chlorine feeder and floater? 

Chlorine Feeders

A chlorine feeder is a device that automatically adds chlorine to a pool to maintain the proper sanitizer levels without manual mixing. The chlorine dissolves in the chlorinator and disperses into your water at a steady rate. When filling the feeder with chlorine tablets, simply add chlorine tablets to your chlorinator and choose your chlorine level based on the volume of your pool. There are two different types of automatic pool chlorinators. 


 In-line chlorinators are permanently glued into the PVC return pipe, located at the end of your pool's plumbing system. After the pool water cycles through the pump and filter, it flows through the chlorinating canister, and then back out into the pool. This is a good option for easier installation and fewer parts.


An offline chlorinator sits separate from the plumbing system and connects to the water lines via two hoses. The first hose connects to the line before the pool filter and sends water into the chlorinator. The second hose connects to the return pipe after the filter and flows the freshly chlorinated water back into the pool. This is a good option if you do not have enough room to install an inline model. 

Chlorine Floaters 

A chlorine floater slowly releases chlorine into the pool to maintain its levels. Floating chlorine feeders have many advantages, such as their low cost, nonexistent maintenance requirements, and durability. Chlorine floaters can be stabilized or non-stabilized. When cyanuric acid is compounded with chlorine, this creates stabilized chlorine. The benefit of stabilized chlorine is protection from the sun’s UV rays, keeping the available chlorine in the pool for longer. While non-stabilized chlorine does not contain cyanuric acid, allowing the chlorine to react and dissipate quicker when exposed to the sun. When using a chlorine floater, make sure you are using the correct size tablet for your pool. For every 5,000 gallons of pool water, add one 3” chlorine tablet. 

How To Use

To use the floater, you will first need to add the tablets by opening the baffle or vent at the bottom of the device. Keep in mind the wider the openings, the greater the dissolution rate. Then submerge the floater in the water until all the air is pushed out. Finally allow the floater to naturally pop back up, only the lower portion should remain in the water.

In conclusion, using a pool chlorinator is a great way to add convenience and practicality to your pool care routine. Come stop by our store to find your perfect chlorinating option. Here at ePoolSupply, we have a wide range of variety of products for your pool. If you are not sure which one is best for you and your pool please give us a call at 602-854-9058 or send us an email at support@epoolsupply.com.

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