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Welcome back, ePoolSupply supporters! I wanted to talk about Pentair’s In-Floor Circulation pool products. The key to maintaining healthy and pristine pool water is having an effective cleaning and circulation system. An in-floor system will evenly disperse sanitized water, minimize cold pockets, reduce heat loss, and help ensure an even disbursement of chemicals. This means more time and money saved so you can enjoy your pool more. Keep on reading to learn more about Pentair’s In-Floor Circulation pool products! 

Pentair circulation systems efficiently distribute clean, heated water evenly throughout your pool for a fully enjoyable swimming experience. A well-circulated pool uses less energy and requires fewer chemicals to maintain. Without proper and efficient circulation, your pool is subject to poor distribution, pesky cold spots, and wasted energy.

Cleaning Heads 

Their unique cleaning head design is the core of their circulation systems. The cleaning heads pop up and use powerful sprays of water to direct dirt and debris to the drain. The heads utilize water from the main pump but also pull water from the top using the power of the venturi effect. When not activated the cleaning head retracts, becoming virtually invisible on your pool’s floor. The most popular cleaning head is the G4V, it uses the pinholes on the top of the head to draw in extra water and add a cleaning boost for those hard-to-reach areas. Gamma 4 Venturi (G4V) Cleaning Heads combine a 3/8" nozzle on the inside with a 7/16" outer nozzle to create a unique laminar path giving the cleaning head its patented cleaning boost. 


  • Reduce pump speeds, lower operating pressures, and increase overall system performance 
  • Energy efficient 
  • Easy to install
  • Improve water flow, cleaning, and chemical disbursement 

WAVE Water Actuated Valve 

Pentair's WAVE Water Actuated Valve is the control center of your cleaning circulation system. This directs the water to specific zones in your pool. Standard features such as built-in speed control and “QuikStop” helps ensure optimum flow. The valve contains no screens or filters and is self-cleaning. Low profile design provides for discreet installation adjacent to the pool, allowing for aesthetically compliant, hydraulic sound systems. 


  • High water flow 
  • Improved efficiency saves on cleaning time
  • Reduced energy costs 
  • The self-cleaning system is easy to maintain 

AVSC Drain

AVSC drains play an important role in the circulation of the water of your pool, while also effectively removing debris. The drain is classified as unblockable and certified to APSP-16 standard. Dual levels of protection provide meets all current ANSI standards (ANSI/ APSP/ ICC-16). It is also designed with a large opening for efficient and effective debris removal. The matching lid fits flush with the pool floor allowing it to blend into the pool's interior surface. 


  • Dual levels of protection 
  • Has a large opening 
  • Matching lid that blends into the pool interior surface 
  • Available in both single and dual inlet models 
  • Multiple colors and finishes to match any pool 

PDR2 Drain

This drain provides superior heavy debris removal and aids water circulation. The PDR2 is compliant with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act and is specifically engineered for debris removal. Its size makes it the perfect drain for areas with space limitations. 


  • Dual levels of protection provide the highest standards on the market 
  • 10-inch drain size
  • Available with or without a sump
  • Certified to APSP-16


Pentair chlorine feeder installs at the deck of your pool for easy access. Delivering chlorine directly into your pool can help prevent chemical wear and tear on your pump motor and filtering systems. Its specially engineered inlets create an even water flow around chlorine tabs, which aids in consistent disbursement. 


  • Allows for easy adjustment 
  • Saves on chlorine costs 
  • Compatible with multiple chlorine tab sizes 
  • Includes internal locking safety lid 


This venturi-powered pool skimmer is a vital part of your cleaning and circulation system. The QuikSkim enhances skimming efficiency and eliminates the need to use pump suction. It allows the pump's power to be dedicated to your pool's drain for maximum debris removal. 


  • Natural water pressure creates a strong vacuum to clear more debris 
  • Uses return water to create stronger skimming action 
  • Available for concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass pools


The LeafVac System is designed to extend the life of the pool pump by acting as a filter for debris to be trapped directly before the pump. The canister features a large, sturdy plastic basket to easily catch leaves, twigs, and other particles in the swimming pool. Its durable construction and material are built to withstand harsh environments. LeafVac’s extra-large canister has a significantly larger capacity than regular pool debris containers, which means more time between cleanings. The extra capacity also allows for the unimpeded flow of water, saving your pool’s pump from becoming damaged. The pump, in turn, uses less power, thus saving you money.


  • Extra-large canister offers more capacity 
  • Extends time between cleanings 
  • Easy to remove the filter 
  • Reduces strain on your pump 

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