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Welcome back, ePoolSupply supporters! In my previous blog, we talked about Pentair's history. Now I would like to talk about their pool products. I will also talk about their best seller for each product. Crystal clear pool and spa water invites a healthy, active lifestyle. Pentair's solutions are engineered to filter, clean, and sanitize the water while automation equipment makes it all easy to control from anywhere. Keep on reading to learn about Pentair pool products! 

Pool Pumps 

Pentair pool pumps are primed and ready for action. They are whisper-quiet, Energy Star certified, DOE compliant, and very powerful to keep your pool clean, clear, and safe. Pool pumps are the heart of your pool and you need one that will 

 The Pentair IntelliFlo3 VSF 3.0HP (011075) is one of the newest pumps they have come out with. This is the first pump to combine true set-it-and-forget-it flow technology paired with the smart connectivity of the Pentair's Home app. The pump drive is designed to produce maximum motor operational efficiency. All IntelliFlo3 VSF and IntelliPro3 VSF pumps are compatible with Pentair automation systems. 

All pumps feature:

  • Energy Star certified 
  • Whisper quiet 
  • Compliant with updated DOE regulations 
  • Energy efficient 
  • Control with the Pentair Home app 
  • Flow adjusts to meet changing needs 

Check out all of the Pentair pumps we sell! 


Pool Automation

Pool automation allows you to connect your pool equipment to one central location. This typically connects to your pool equipment through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth wireless technology, or a control center. After choosing your pool automation system, a pool professional can connect the pool equipment to the control center to set up speeds, schedules, and timers to automatically configure various parts of the pool pad. One of the best automation Pentair has to offer is IntelliCenter. With the IntelliCenter, you can connect 5-40 relays through your pool automation, and you can use voice control with your voice control products. Contact a pool professional to see which automation will work best for your pool. 


  • Control from anywhere on your smart devices from the Pentair Home App
  • Gives real-time alerts to help monitor pools performance 
  • Helps save time from managing all the pool equipment 
  • Can automate more than just pool; equipment 

Check out all the IntelliCenters we sell! 


Also, check out all of the pool automation we sell as well! 


Pool Heaters 

The heat source used to warm your water can vary since there are several pool heating options, such as gas heaters, heat pumps, and hybrid heating technology. Gas pool heaters use natural gas or propane to generate heat, which is an ideal choice if you want your pool heated as fast as possible. A pool heat pump uses electricity to efficiently move heat from the air to your pool water but takes longer to heat than a gas heater. This is an ideal choice if live in an area with a moderate climate or does not have access to natural gas or propane. Hybrid heating technology combines the fast-heating ability of a gas heater and the efficiency of a heat pump. Pentair has the first and only hybrid heating solutions, the installation will require both gas and electrical connection. 


  • Energy-efficient
  • Warms water quickly 
  • Seamlessly interfaces with automation. 

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Check out our YouTube videos on Pentair's heaters! 


Pool Cleaners

Pentair's expertly crafted line of pool cleaners provide the most efficient use of the water for optimal pool cleaner performance. Suction-side and pressure-side cleaners are the most popular kind of cleaners they make. Suction-side cleaners are easy to install and are ideal for small debris like sand and silt. Pressure-side cleaners are super filter-friendly and are ideal for large debris like leaves and acorns. One of their most popular cleaners is the Rebel. Its preprogrammed steering and two-wheel design allow the Rebel cleaner to access hard-to-reach corners where debris often hides. The superior engineering of its turbine and roller skirt assures thorough, uninterrupted cleaning. 


  • Powerful cleaning 
  • Easy to operate 
  • Easy to install 
  • Durable 

Check out all of the Pentair pool cleaners we sell! 


Check out our YouTube videos and learn more about Pentair pool cleaners! 


In conclusion, Pentair has one of the best pool supplies. Crystal clear pool and spa water invites a healthy, active lifestyle. Pentair's solutions are engineered to filter, clean, and sanitize the water while automation equipment makes it all easy to control from anywhere. Please contact a pool professional to learn what Pentair products work best for you and your pool. 

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