All about the Clearance Section!

Hello and welcome! Today we will be going over one of the newest additions to the ePoolSupply website, the Clearance Section! Through the new Clearance Section, we can offer huge discounts on new and slightly used items! Now without further ado, let’s get into it!

So, I suppose a good starting point is where these products come from. Now it’s true that we normally pride ourselves on only selling OEM parts and products, which stands for original equipment from the manufacturer, brand new straight from the said manufacturer, we’ve collected quite a few used products that can’t be sold in the same way we always have. These products aren’t used in the same sense as something you would find in a thrift store mind you. These “used” products usually come from one of three sources. Some of it is leftover inventory from old service tech employees. Our neighboring pool company used to service pools directly. They haven’t done that since around the beginning of 2022, so we take the best of their products and give them back to the customers through this service. Another source is simply we went out to buy a specific single item for a customer. Typically, this would be something that we don’t normally carry, but we sought out this item for a specific customer need, and for whatever reason, they ended up not needing the item, but the majority of our clearance section though is customer returns. Usually, customers return an item because it was purchased by mistake, or the item wasn’t what they needed. Previously we would have to throw away these items just like what we would do with any damaged returns. Even though the only issue with these items is the lack of quality seal or warranty. These items are still extremely high quality which can be seen by perusing our clearance section.

So now on the topic of returns, it’s worth diving into our return policy regarding these products. As you look through the Clearance Section one thing will be very apparent, and that’s that we are selling these items at a very steep discount. The reason we can do this is that we are selling these at the lowest possible price. We make next to nothing on these products, research is done comparing these products to all others on the market. We do this to ensure that we are offering it for the lowest possible price to compensate for the nature of these items. It is for this exact reason that we don’t accept returns on any of these items. If we were to attempt a return on any of these then we would be operating at a loss.

I hope this cleared up any questions you might have with the brand-new Clearance Section! If not, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly HERE. Now please take a look at the Clearance Section by simply following this LINK or clicking on the banner on our STORE. You can also find it near the bottom of our store page next time you check us out. Have a wonderful day and Thank you for reading!

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