BlueSquare PV3 R360 Infloor Pop Up Cleaning Head - Overview

BlueSquare PV3 R360 Retro Infloor Cleaning Pop Up Head - Overview

Hello there! We're back today with another wonderful blog overview. Periodically we like to inform our customers of the newest updates in the swimming pool industry. Whether it be a simple "who's who" or maybe even a recent update to equipment. This week we will be discussing the BlueSquare PV3 R360 Retro Infloor Pop Up Cleaning Heads. Let's dive in!

First we'd like to talk about how an Infloor System works. There are many different versions of infloor cleaning systems out there however, the principal operation for each manufacturer is roughly the same. As with any pool, the water is circulated through a system of suction lines, run through a filter, and returned back into the pool through various pool jets and water features. This is where the infloor system comes in. Once the water has been filtered, it is driven through an actuator which disperses the water at high pressure to a designated "zone" of three to five cleaning heads. These heads "pop up" from the pool floor and spray dirt & debris towards the main suction drain.

BlueSquare PV3 R360 Infloor Pop Up Cleaning Head

The Blue Square PV3 R360 Performance Jet is designed to be a direct replacement for Paramount's PV3 Cleaning Heads. If you're looking to upgrade from the older technology, read along below!

Key Features

BlueSquare heads utilize the "Final Sweep" pivoting motion to help prevent dirt and debris from collecting near the pop-up head. When the cleaning head rotates to the next position, the nozzle sweeps in the opposite direction to clear any remaining debris before it seats flat in the collar.

The BlueSquare PV3 Retros are installed and removed from the corresponding collar easily with the BlueSquare R360-PV3 Pro Tool 2, which is equipped with an adapter to attach the tool to any standard pool pole. The heads measure 2.5 inches across and 3.625 inches from top to bottom. 

Includes 3 Jet Nozzles to determine cleaning strength:

  • Small "Low Flow" - 10 Gallons per minute
  • Medium "Dual Flow" - 15 Gallons per minute
  • Large "High Flow" - 20 Gallons per minute

Available in 2 colors to blend with most pool surfaces:

Be sure to check out the video below to learn how to install & remove the nozzle inserts along with other tips and tricks. Don't forget to like and subscribe!

From the article above, it's plain to see that the BlueSquare PV3 R360 Infloor Pop Up Cleaning Head is one of the better ways to go when you're looking to replace the older, outdated Paramount PV3 system. Please feel free to reach out to us directly with any questions you might have about your In-floor Pool Cleaning System. We're happy to help!


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