Brand New CamerEye Edge

Welcome back, ePoolSupply supporters! Today I will be going over the brand-new CamerEye Edge. The CamerEye Edge is the most comprehensive AI Smart Pool System designed specifically for pool builders and new pool owners. The Edge goes from remote construction monitoring and management to you or your customer for reliable pool safety, and maintenance. This is a first camera-based pool alarm to help homeowners pass stringent pool safety codes. Listed in compliance with ASTM F2208 and UL2017 pool safety standards, meets ISPSC, and is accepted in many cities and states for a safety inspection. This also complies with the pool barrier law in 33 states. 

Pool Safety 

The CamerEye Edge is a 24/7 live video monitoring with a second set of eyes on the pool. You can view your pool easily from your phone and computer with their app. The camera connects to the CamerEye secure IoT cloud platform via Wi-Fi or power over ethernet (PoE). The smart all-weather infrared camera with a built-in advanced AI chip for 24-hour video monitoring with seamless 1080p video streaming. It will detect for people and pets in and around the water and send you alerts. It can differentiate from other moving objects which will reduce false alerts. Another great and amazing feature is it will detect and set an alarm for swimming distress within seconds for fast response. The internal 95 dB internal siren provides sound-based notifications. With all of these features, it gives you more of a peace of mind when you are not home. 

The indoor Wi-Fi siren alarm is designed to be placed strategically indoors, complementing the audible range of alarms since the built-in camera sire is considered an outdoor siren. Additional siren alarms can be added in various locations inside and outside of the home. Simple install with a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection to a router using the CamerEye App.

The Wi-Fi door or window sensor has a powerful 95 dB audible alarm and should be placed on every door and window that provides access to the pool from the inside.  When the door or window is opened or closed, the device is triggered, and a push notification is instantly sent to the phone based on personalized settings. Simple adhesive installation with flexible placement on various doors and windows. More sensors can be added through the CamerEye app.

Pool Maintenance 

A great feature is it has smarter insights into pool health status and usage with alerts. You can check the status of your pool safety and readiness from the palm of your hand using the app. The CamerEye Edge can address pool concerns before they become major maintenance problems. The upcoming AI-assisted automation features provide ease, convenience, and cost savings, and reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint. 

The CamerEye Edge can simply be installed in three easy steps. If you choose to have it installed, CamerEye has a Guaranteed Installer Program. With a nationwide network of independent installers available for comprehensive installation services. This will come with a one-year warranty. 

The whole CamerEye Edge system includes:

  • AI Camera
  • Indoor Wi-Fi Siren Alarm
  • Wi-Fi Door/ Window Sensor 
  • Edge Plan (lifetime of app-based features for monitoring, detection, and notifications)
  • Cabling (35 ft. outdoor 12V DC)
  • Mounting Kit (screws, bracket, template, plastic sleeves)
  • User Manual
  • Monitoring Sticker

The CamerEye is poised to reinvent the world of at-home safety appliances. With its smart A.I. system and pool safety ecosystem. The CamerEye’s Unique design is a near essential for your home.

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