Caretaker has a new website!

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Caretaker has redesigned their new site and it looks great! 

Check it out here!

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  • Julian Lemus

    Hello. I am from Hanford California 93230, and I had a pool built in 1999 or 2000 by a company called Carefree Pools out of the city of Visalia California. Along with building my pool, they sold me and installed the Caretaker floor cleaning system. I have had many issues with the pop up floor cleaning system and when I reached out to Carefree Pools, I found out they had moved to the Bay Area somewhere. I was not able to located the father or son team to request they look into my non working pop up system, but could not locate them. The system came with a life time warranty and since I still have a non working system, I figured I would reach out to you. I am told my system requires and aerator to be rebuilt and that a kit is available to to get my system working again. Can you please help me out either with providing me with the kit or directing me to where I can get the help. Thank you, Julian.

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