Clear Comfort CCW100 AOP System: Introduction & Overview

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The newest addition to the pool maintenance and water sanitation arsenal is the Clear Comfort AOP Pool System. The AOP has drinking water levels of chlorine and is really a game changer. This system easily treats 90 GPM and comes standard with a best in class 5 year warranty from the manufacturer. To build on that, the AOP has a 90 day testing period with the option to return the product for a full refund. This system tackles medium to large residential pools and spas. Similar to our ozone the AOP system creates hydroxyl radicals to oxidize and disinfect the body of water. The AOP grabs oxygen and converts it to Atomic Oxygen.
diagram showing how the Clear Comfort Pool System works

Pricing & Overview

After conversion, the system injects the Atomic Oxygen via a venturi to mix and react with the water present in the pool. At this point, Hydroxyl Radicals are created and introduced into the polluted water. The AOP works with both new and existing pools and generally installation sits right around $700-$2000 depending on the existing system and plumbing set up.

Professional Installation 

With that being said, this system does need to be installed by someone with installation experience and there isn’t a DIY option open to the general public as of yet, and for good reason. This is a complex system and improper alignment or installation leads to inefficiencies. There is a reason sanitation systems require professional installation.

Clear Comfort Installation Kits

Clear Comfort provides Installation kits and or manifolds at an additional cost. Once installed the maintenance on this system is a simple cartridge exchange and takes about 5 minutes to complete. Unlike other systems, the AOP only needs to be maintained once a year. The lighting panel on the actual system will illuminate from Green to Yellow to Red. Red Indicates its time for a new cartridge. Until recently Clear Comfort was the only option for these new cartridges for exchange.

CCW100 AOP System & Cartridges

We are pleased to announce that ePoolSupply will not only carry the Cartridges, but also the entire AOP system. This system easily replaces a salt cell or UV system both of which require a considerable amount of regular maintenance and additional cost. In our opinion it is important to note this additional maintenance and cost as well as the fact that neither the Salt Cell or UV system lower the actual cost of pool operation like the CCW100 does. 40% less chemical use as well as less energy consumption to boot (10 Watts). The CCW100 also kills Cryptosporidium at a level of 99.99% effectiveness as well as many other waterborne bacteria and pathogens.

Graphic showing how hydroxyl radicals disinfect

The Clear Comfort AOP system is also Certified: ANSI/NSF 50, UL 1563 & EPA Section 7 FIFRA Act. This system also boasts 50%-90% reductions in chloramines and 30%-50% chlorine reduction specifically. The larger upfront cost for this system is more than worth it when you factor in maintenance and chemical needs and in a way the system works to pay for itself when you think of the savings. 

System Specs

Max. Water Flow Rate | 90 GPM

Typical Application | Medium to Large Residential Pools

Dimensions | 12" x 8" x 3”

Injection Method  | Venturi 

Operating Voltage | 10 V to 230 V

Power Consumption |10 Watts

Warranty | 5-Year System Warranty | 1-Year Cartridge Warranty

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