Clear Comfort CCW25 AOP System: Introduction

What’s up ePoolSupply supporters and fellow blog enthusiasts! Today I would like to introduce you to a new exciting system released by our friends over at Clear Comfort. Now I’m sure you all may be a little familiar with Clear Comfort by now from our previous blog, or maybe you have been in the market for an alternative water sanitizing system and stumbled across this awesome company and the products they offer. Well, I’m here to announce the release of yet another hydroxyl AOP system designed for very specific bodies of water, those of which are portable spas, swim spas, plunge pools and finally personal hot tubs. 

What is the CCW25 AOP System?

The Clear Comfort CCW25 AOP portable spa and swim spa system delivers the easiest way to get the best, healthiest and freshest-feeling water with drinking-water chlorine levels powered by their patented hydroxyl-based AOP technology. Similar to our ozone the AOP system creates hydroxyl radicals to oxidize and disinfect the body of water. The AOP grabs oxygen and converts it to Atomic Oxygen. After conversion, the system injects the Atomic Oxygen via a venturi to mix and react with the water present in either the spa or swim spa. The CCW25 can also kill Cryptosporidium at a level of 99.99% effectiveness as well as many other waterborne bacteria and pathogens. The AOP works with both new and existing portable spas, swim spas, plunge pools, and personal hot tubs.

Can I Install This System Myself?

Now I know there are some of you out there that may like to do things for yourself especially if its means saving a few dollars (and honestly who doesn’t like to save some nowadays). Now that being said the system needs to be installed by someone with experience in this field because there is not a “do it yourself” option open to the general public yet and in our experience, this is a good thing. These systems are complex and any improper alignment or installation leads to inefficiencies. Therefore, we highly recommend hiring an industry professional to install this system. 

Is The CCW25 AOP System Right for Me?

Clear Comfort's compact and flexible design along with the universally designed mounting tabs allows this system to conveniently fit all types of spas and swim spa configurations both factory and aftermarket. Powerful full-flow treatment for the best and healthiest water with drinking-water chlorine levels which also means minimal toxic chemicals provides greater wellness. This system only needs an annual 1-minute cartridge exchange without chemical handling after every use providing low-touch water treatment. The lighting panel on the system will illuminate from Green to Yellow to Red. Yellow meaning it is getting close to being time to replace the cartridge and Red ultimately means it is time for a cartridge swap. This system can also extend the life of the spa surfaces and equipment by providing non-corrosive water which is great for everyone. Because this is a low-chemical water treatment system, you will most certainly notice the soft feeling of clean, clear water and the revitalizing difference on your skin, eyes (no red eyes) and hair. Without the negative effects of disinfection by-products, you will be able to breathe deeply without the chemical odor/scent of chlorine.

Application and Specs

  • Typical Application: Residential Portable Spas, Swim Spas, Plunge Pools & Personal Hot Tubs
  • Maximum Water Flow Rate: 30 GPM
  • Dimensions: 11”H x 5”W x 5D (Not Including Mounting Tabs)

Warranty Info

Clear Comfort provides everyone that purchases this product with a 30-day money-back guarantee. They also provide their customers with a 3-year system warranty which is awesome in our opinion and proves that they stand behind their product. 

“We are proud to extend our market-leading, low chemical water treatment systems to benefit spa owners, dealers, and manufactures,” said Steve Berens, CEO of Clear Comfort. “Customers are yearning for simpler, healthier water treatment and we are proud to bring them a new level of ease and protection.”

Overall, these systems are trusted by celebrities, professional sports teams, water parks and pool owners. These products are manufactured in the USA at Clear comforts newly expanded facility located in Colorado. We hope you enjoyed reading along here with us and we were able to answer any questions you may have regarding these products. If not, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly and our industry professionals will answer those questions as best as we can. On behalf of all of us here at ePoolSupply thank you and keep on swimming! 

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