Fluidra Purchases Custom Molded Products (CMP)



Welcome back everyone, here with you all again to go over another important update related to our beloved pool industry. This week’s blog will be informing you of a purchase made by the biggest leader in our industry Fluidra. Now for those of you who follow our industry, it has been close to a year since Fluidra purchased another well-known American-based entity in the pool business by the name of Custom Molded Products (CMP).




Fluidra is a multinational group listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange. They are the global leader when referring to the pool and wellness industry. Founded in 1969, Fluidra provides long-standing experience in developing innovative products and services in the global residential and commercial pool markets. They operate out of more than 45 countries through its many subsidiaries. They also have more than 135 sales branches and more than 35 production centers around the world, in addition to logistics hubs that support their production and distribution centers. This global platform enables them to distribute a wide variety of products and devices adapting to the peculiarities of every region, pool, and customer. Fluidra has one clear goal in mind: to create the perfect pool and wellness experience responsibly.


CMP is a Georgia-based manufacturer here in the United States of pool and spa components, from Tenex Capital Management. CMP is a leader in supplying innovative solutions for the recreational water industry backed by a strong portfolio of reputable brands like DEL, SpaMASTER, Brilliant Wonders, and Bobe’. They are in Newnan Georgia controlling and operating manufacturing and distribution facilities from multiple locations across the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.


What Does This Mean?


Fluidra believes that this acquisition will allow them to rapidly expand its offerings in several strategic growth categories like fast-growing alternative sanitizers, white goods to help support its Jandy equipment range, and dedicated spa equipment. Additionally, CMP provides a broad range of LED solutions and water and fire features that will complement and extend Fluidra’s already existing portfolio. CMP’s product strengths matched with its manufacturing and operational expertise will fuel Fluidra’s growth by providing its customers with a wider range of pool and spa technologies as well as increasing its product delivery capabilities. This acquisition was valued at 245 million dollars and was fully settled at closing with existing cash and debt facilities. 


“CMP is a great fit- commercially, operationally and culturally- and a valuable extension to Fluidra’s existing North American operations,” said Bruce Brooks, Chief Executive Officer of Fluidra. “This acquisition allows us to expand our product portfolio in strategic areas to better meet customer demand, as well as by entering the new spa OEM market. We Intend to draw from our Fluidra-Zodiac integration expertise to successfully achieve the numerous synergies identified.” 


 “We are thrilled to be joining Fluidra and recognize this as a tremendous growth opportunity,” said Tom Moore, Chief Executive Officer of CMP. “With their established and trusted reputation in the industry, we are confident that this will position both Fluidra and CMP for continued success in the years ahead.” Following the acquisition, The CMP team and its base of operations will remain in Georgia.




With all of that being said the pool industry is continuously evolving and expanding from top to bottom and hopefully this provides a little insight to any questions you may have and or to the direction of this industry and where it might be headed. From all of us here at ePoolSupply thanks for tuning in and reading.


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