How to Remove Algae Fast!

From Green to Clean

Welcome to another Fact Friday from ePoolSupply! Every Friday we like to educate our customers with important information regarding their swimming pool and helpful technical tips to make informed decisions to make pool maintenance easier. Today we will be discussing green algae and how to remove it. Let's dive in!

Start with a Clean Pool Filter

Backwash or clean your pool filter to ensure that all debris and algae is trapped in the filter media. If the filter is not clean from the start, it will take longer for the water to clear.

Manually Vacuum the ENTIRE Pool

Go slow as to not stir up the algae too much. As you vacuum, the algae particles will move through the plumbing through your pool pump and into the pool filter. The pool filter will trap most of the debris so it can be rinsed and cleaned out later. 

Backwash/Clean the Filter Again

This step is CRITICAL! Not only does it remove the algae from your system preventing it from being recirculated back into the pool, but it also allows the filter to get right back to work in the next steps. 

Balance the Water Chemistry.

Using test strips or a drop test kit, make sure your alkalinity, ph, and chlorine levels are all in the proper range to allow for the most optimal performance from your algaecide. Once the adequate levels have been achieved, you're ready for the next step!

Shock the Pool & Perform an Algae Treatment

Following the directions on the algae treatment, add the correct amount of Liquid or Granulated Chlorine to the pool as well as the proper dose of algaecide. It's best to add the chlorine around dusk to prevent it from evaporating too quickly. 

Run the pool

Set the equipment to run through the skimmer only for a FULL 24 hours. The skimmer will allow the filter to work quicker because the water has the shortest path of travel and can get back to the pool faster. 

Backwash/Clean the Filter Yet Again

Once again, this is CRITICAL for the removal of the algae from the swimming pool. If the filter is clean, it can capture more dirt and particles and prevent them from reentering the swimming pool.

Test & Balance the Pool Every Week

Keeping your ph and chlorine levels in the proper range will help prevent the algae from coming back, and also preserve your pool equipment for years to come. 

Preventative Maintenance

Most algaecides will have a preventative dose that you can add to the swimming pool weekly/monthly. Staying up on your regular routine maintenance will prevent future issues. 

With the information found in this guide, you'll be able to better understand green algae and how to eradicate it. If you have any questions regarding the information found in this blog feel free to reach out to us directly. Our team of Pool Professionals is here to help you through every step of the process. Otherwise, just keep swimming!




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