HammerTech Solutions - Caretaker Installation/Removal Tool

Welcome back, ePoolSupply supporters! We like to educate our customers with important information regarding their swimming pool and helpful technical tips to make informed decisions and make their pool maintenance that much easier. Today we will be going over how to install and remove the Caretaker head with the HammerTech Solutions all-metal tool. Let's dive in!

About the Tool

HammerTech Solutions' brand new tools feature the world's first metal tool head, metal knuckle, and metal hardware. The knuckle can rotate a full 90 degrees for all the leverage you’ll need to remove heads from just about any condition and situation.

The tools also feature a long adapter that inserts into your pool pole for easier reach and access to the pop-up heads without having to get into the pool! The adapter doubles as a handle if you need to get some leverage and torque on some older cleaning heads.

Each tool is machine-milled in the United States and hand-assembled before undergoing quality assurance trials. The hard-anodized aluminum makes the tools far superior to anything on the market and an essential tool for weekend warriors, "do-it-yourselfers", and seasoned pool professionals alike.

Each tool is sized with ease of use in mind. The tool itself will hold the pop-up heads in place for both removal and installation without having to worry about the pop-up head slipping off the tool and, unfortunately, falling into the deep end of your pool. This sleek and well-engineered line of tools will certainly outperform and outlast their metal or plastic counterparts at an exceptionally attractive price point. 


How to Install and Remove Pop-Up Heads

There are two easy ways to remove the pop-up head. The first way is to use the handle and the second is to use the pole. When you are removing the head by hand, you will align the tabs on the tool to the holes in the head and it will latch on. You can turn the tool straight up or turn it to the side, and get more torque. You will turn the tool about halfway counter-clockwise and the head will pop right out. The head will still to the tool so it does not fall out.

To install the tool, you will connect the head to the tool and drop the head into the hole. Twist it half a turn to the right and you will hear a click and you can pull the tool right out.

Now to use the tool with a pool pole, you will need to slide the tool's handle in and grip the white knobs on the side and it should be able to click right into the pole. Removing and installing Caretaker pop-up heads is essentially the same thing as removing them by hand. To help you know where the tabs are on the tool, you can line the holes of the head with the nuts that are on the tool. 

If you are still uncertain how to use the tool, please watch the video below. In this video, we walk you through an overview of the New All Metal HammerTech Solutions Caretaker Installation/Removal Tool! This tool features the FIRST-EVER all-metal knuckle which gives you the ability to apply full torque on those old stubborn and sometimes stuck Caretaker pop-up heads.

We also show you how easy it is to install these heads using this tool either by hand or with your pool pole, making it extremely easy to reach and handle the heads in the deeper portions of your pool. Providing professional insight as always along with any useful tips or tricks that may help you during this installation/removal process. 

Please feel free to reach out to us directly with any questions you might have about your In-floor Pool Cleaning System and we'll be sure to assist you to the best of our abilities. Contact Us!

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