HammerTech BlueSquare Q360 All Metal Tool Overview

Welcome back, ePoolSupply supporters! We like to educate our customers with important information regarding their swimming pool and helpful technical tips to make informed decisions and make their pool maintenance that much easier. Today we will be giving an overview of HammerTech Solutions BlueSquare Q360 All Metal Tool. Let's dive in!

About the tool

On this tool, the knuckle can rotate a full 90 degrees for all the leverage you’ll need to remove heads from just about any condition and situation. The tools also feature a long adapter that inserts into your pool pole for easier reach and access to the pop-up heads without having to get into the pool! The adapter doubles as a handle if you need to get some leverage and torque on some older cleaning heads. This tool is machine-milled in the United States and hand-assembled before undergoing quality assurance trials. The hard-anodized aluminum makes the tools far superior to anything on the market and an essential tool for weekend warriors, "do-it-yourselfers", and seasoned pool professionals alike.  The tool itself will hold the pop-up heads in place for both removal and installation without having to worry about the pop-up head slipping off the tool and, unfortunately, falling into the deep end of your pool. This sleek and well-engineered line of tools will certainly outperform and outlast their metal or plastic counterparts at an exceptionally attractive price point.



The first thing you will notice is the OEM BlueSquare tool does not come with a handle. They do give you an extended tube at the top that has a steel bolt with a wingnut that will detach and slide into your pool pole. The next difference is the HammerTech tool gives you an all-metal knuckle while with the BlueSquare OEM tool, you are just getting straight pipe. With the OEM tool, you will have to use a lot more force on the pool pole to twist out the old heads. Another difference is the outsides of the tool, the OEM tool has metal flanges on the side that grabs the nozzles on the head which can be beneficial but is not needed. With the HammerTech all-metal tool, they got rid of those flanges so you do not have to work so hard to align those prongs into the top of the head. Both tools are only made for BlueSquares Q360 heads, if you have any other BlueSquare heads, these tools will not work for those. The head has little slots on the side and you will take the tool and slide it on. The tool will grab the edges of the head to make sure when you are removing or installing the head, you get a good grip. 

HammerTech Tools outperforms BlueSquares tools in every aspect. This sleek and well-engineered line of tools will certainly outperform and outlast their metal counterparts at an exceptionally attractive price point. If you are not sure which tool to go with please watch the video below. In this video, we walk you through an overview of the new HammerTech Solutions All Metal Installation/Removal Tool for BlueSquare in-floor pop-up heads. We go over the advantages and disadvantages of this tool compared to the OEM tools produced by BlueSquare, one of which is the FIRST-EVER all-metal Knuckle! Providing professional insight as always along with any useful tips or tricks that may help you during this installation/removal process of the pop-up heads.


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