How To Install an A&A Quik Water Leveler

Welcome back, ePoolSupply supporters!! Today, I will be going over how to install a Pentair In-Floor (A&A) Quik water leveler float (542486). I will also be going over a little bit about the product. At the bottom of the blog, I have attached a video our pool professional has made to show you exactly how to do the installation. Keep on reading to learn more!


About The Product

The Quik water leveler resolves the need to refill your pool with a garden hose. There is no need to worry about overfilling, flooding, or burning out your pool pump.  Not only does this ensure the safe maintenance of your pool’s system, but also saves your time for the more important things.

The Pentair In-Floor (A&A) water leveler float assembly is compatible with the Pentair In-Floor (A&A) water Quik water leveler. This assembly includes a silt screen, feeder tube, and a restrictor plate to control the incoming flow of water to the unit. Composed of ABS plastic, the unit is designed to withstand harsh elements. The float assembly threads into the bottom of the housing.

How to Install

The first step is going to your water leveler take the lid off and put it off to the side. The next step is to go to your equipment and turn your water on. This will clean out your lines so your leveler will flood but you only need the water on for about 10 seconds. Now there is no water pressure, the first thing to do is Teflon tape the water leveler float. You will put Teflon tape at the bottom where it is threaded, this will kind of act like an o-ring which will give it a good seal.  Pentair In-Floor (A&A) will include a restrictor seal, which will make the water leveler quiet. The restrictor will go into the bottom of the water leveler into the little hole Now it is time to install the water leveler float, put the float into the hole, and thread it in. This should be easy and not feel like you need force. You do not need to really tighten it, only enough to where it will not come out, it is important to not break the threads. If you need to adjust your water leveler float, you will turn the top to the left and this will let you raise or lower it then turn to the right to lock it in place. Now the float is in there, go back to the equipment turn the water back on verify everything is working properly. If everything is working properly and there are no issues, put the lid back on and you are all done.

In this video, we walk you through from start to finish Installing Pentair In-Floor (A&A) in-deck water leveler float. Make sure to check out the whole video to get some good tips and tricks on hooking this up to your equipment. If you have any questions, please contact us and we can help you the best of our ability.


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