How To Install Pentair Kreepy Krauly Great White Bumper & Shroud

Welcome back, ePoolSupply supporters! Today I want to talk about how to remove Pentair Kreepy Krauly Great White bumper and shroud. If you want to learn more about the cleaner and these parts, keep on reading!

                                              About the Cleaner

The Kreepy Krauly Great White suction side cleaner (GW9500) comes equipped with Bristle-Drive Technology which has the strength to loosen up the most stubborn dirt and debris. The powerful vacuum action can sweep away small and even large debris. Due to its programmed steering and 15-inch-wide dirt-cutting path, this cleaner provides a cleaning job that gets done quickly and efficiently. The Great White is best suited for r dish-, incline- and hopper-bottom pools. These cleaners are very specific in how they operate meaning there will need to be adjustments made to your pool equipment and so on to the cleaner for them to properly work.

                                               About the Shroud

The shroud (GW9501) was designed for the purpose of being a protective cover for the internal parts of the cleaner while giving it a clean sleek look. This also provides the cleaner the ability to glide through the water as it performs its cleaning tasks ensuring there isn’t any impediment that could possibly disrupt the cleaning process. This part is grey with the Kreepy Krauly logo on its front side and can be found above the lower body or “chassis” making it very easy to identify and locate if or when needing to be replaced as it is only held together by a few screws and other neighboring parts.



About the Bumper

The purpose of this part is literally in its name or title which is bumper (GW9502). It was designed specifically for this suction cleaner to be the outer protective layer that keeps the cleaner from taking any unnecessary damage that would occur while it operates. This part is grey and can be found wrapped around the front end of the cleaner. It is attached by two screws that lock it firmly into the shroud while also making it easy to remove or replace as It does wear and deteriorate. Taking the brunt of the damage when hitting the walls or steps in the pool as it operates.

How to Remove Bumper and Shroud

When you turn the cleaner over you will see four screws on each side and screws between the brushes. You will first remove all of those with a Phillips head screwdriver, it is not recommended to remove them with a power tool because you will risk cracking the cleaner. Now you should be able to take the guts out and be left with just the bumper and shroud. Turn the shroud over and you will see two screws, and you will take those out. Now you are left with the bumper and shroud apart. If you still need help or would like to watch somebody demonstrate this please watch the video I have attached below. In this video, we walk you through step by step how to properly install the bumper and shroud on the Pentair Kreepy Krauly Great White suction side pool cleaner. We provide professional insight along with any useful tips or tricks that may help you during the installation/removal process.

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