How to Replace 1.5" T Valves on A&A systems

Today we are going to describe how to replace T-Vavle assemblies on A&A Infloor Systems that require 1.5" Glue in Valves.

Step 1. 

Turn the System off to the pool

Step 2. 

Remove the lid of the gear assembly housing

Step 3. 

Remove the Gear kit inside the housing

Step 4. 

Remove all the broken T-Valves inside the housing

Step 5. 

Dry out the housing from all water and clean old glue areas 

Step 6.

Place new T-Valves on top of flanges where they should seat

Step 7. 

Use Gorilla Glue 2 part epoxy to glue on the new T-Valves

Step 8. 

Let dry for at least an hour

Step 9. 

Reassemble the Gears, and housing, then fire up the system


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