How To Replace Hayward DV5000 Seal

Welcome ePoolSupply supporters! In today’s blog, I want to go over how to replace the Haywards DV5000 seal. I will also go over a little bit about the cleaner and about the part. I will also attach our YouTube video below that will show you how to replace the DV5000 seal. If you want to learn how to do this then keep on reading!
About The Cleaner

The DV5000 (W3DV5000) is an automatic suction pool cleaner that can vacuum up dirt and debris in a single pass. It propels itself quietly and efficiently through the pool water cleaning up dirt, twigs, and other various forms of debris. Regardless of the pool's shape, size, or surface the DV5000 affords users a more energy-efficient and random cleaning pattern.
About The Part

The DV5000 disc (DCX152SV) is a replacement part that was made by Hayward. The same high-quality materials were used to manufacture the original factory part. Making this a genuine OEM part. The disc was designed to lead in the fight against dirt, debris, leaves, and algae that litters the surface of your pool year in and year out. The disc sweeps up dirt and algae off the surface of the pool kind of like a broom does on the surface of your home (minus the algae). This also moves the debris and dirt toward the bottom center of the DV5000 to be sucked up, out, and into your filtration system. The disc is gray with little fin-like teeth that run along its edge. It also provides greater maneuverability for the cleaner while also creating better sucking power to pull up a larger range of debris and mulch off the surface with the help of the cassette assembly and diaphragm.
How to Replace Hayward DV5000 Seal

The pleated seal doe not come already pre-installed because it is supposed to remain flat at all points so if comes installed then it will bend and not work properly. On the cleaner, the foot pad will already come installed and you will want to leave that on there. It will say up on the seal and this will show you where it will be installed on the correct side. The seal will be put between the foot pad and the actual cleaner. It might be a little tough to put it on but you should be able to pull a little harder to stretch it around the foot pad. The seal is made with a really tough plastic so it will be hard to rip. Once you got the seal between the foot pad and the cleaner then it is all set and ready to go.

Here I have attached the YouTube video our pool professional has created to show you how to put the DV5000 seal on. In this video, we walk you through how to properly install the seal needed for optimum suction and cleaning power when referring to your Hayward DV5000 suction side pool cleaner. We provide professional insight along with any useful tips or tricks that may help you during the installation/removal process.

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