How To Replace Tracks for Polaris Atlas

Hello and welcome back ePoolSupply supporters and followers. For today’s blog, I will be going over how to remove and replace the tracks for the Polaris Atlas pool cleaner. These tire tracks are only for the Polaris ATLAS XT cleaner. I will be going over a brief description of the cleaner and the tires. I will also add a picture of the cleaner so you know which one I am exactly going over. At the bottom of the blog, there is a YouTube video our pool professional has made to show you exactly how to do this. 

About The Cleaner 

The Polaris ATLAS (FSATLAS) suction side pool cleaner collects fine silt and long, larger debris with unobstructed performance. Engineered with HALO technology for advanced debris removal, the ATLAS pool cleaner is designed to provide clearance for larger leaves that get drawn directly into the filtration system while preventing impediments to allow for continuous, uninterrupted cleaning. The ATLAS pool vacuum also attacks stubborn, stuck-on debris with concentrated scrubbing action to leave your pool impeccably clean. Combined with multi-directional navigation for enhanced movement patterns and powerful turbines that generate unsurpassed climbing ability, the ATLAS cleaner covers your entire pool — regardless of the pool’s surface — from floor to waterline. 

About The Tracks 

This track (R0916500) is Black and made from a super-strong rubber material which gives the cleaner the ability to move around the bottom surface of your pool with ease. It also gives the cleaner the ability to climb up and down the pool walls covering more surface area for a neat and clean pool. When trying to troubleshoot an issue you are having with your cleaner not moving or grabbing the surface of the pool as well as before, you can always start by checking the cleaner's track. Inside the track are little teeth that will wear and deteriorate over time and the use of the cleaner is an indication that it may be time to replace these parts. 

How To Remove the Tracks 

One of the first things you will notice is there are track guards on the cleaner that come over the top part of the track. This is so it reduces the risk of the tracks sliding off the gearbox assembly. The first step is to put the cleaner on its side. Now you can grab the track from the bottom and pull it over the wheels. Now you can turn the cleaner around and you will want to kind of groove the track around the guard. The track should come off smoothly, the track tire is bendy so do not be afraid to break it. 

How To Replace the Tracks 

Now to replace the tire tracks the first thing you will want to do is turn the cleaner back around. Now you will want to take your tire and put it over the wheels. It is best if you start with one and then work to the next one since they do need to be in the groove. The next step is to stretch the tire completely around the track guard. If it gets stuck on the guard all you need to do is push on the guard a little to get the tire track completely over it. 

In this video, our pool professionals walk you through how to remove the new redesigned Tracks that come equipped with the "Brand New" Polaris ATLAS Suction Side Pool Cleaner. If you have any questions or need help with this quick fix please contact us and we can help you to the best of our ability.

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