Overview - BlueSquare Q360 Valve Internals

Welcome back, ePoolSupply supporters! Blue Square’s Q360 in-floor cleaning system circulates your pool water efficiently by removing debris in the process. It is designed to increase water flow, cut down chemical usage by 15-20%, and with 20-30% energy saving costs. The 2-inch valve body’s molded construction can withstand the elements and is saltwater and chemical friendly. The valve was engineered with the customer in mind. No flaps or acrylic balls to replace means less time spent making repairs and more time spent enjoying a clean pool. The system features an 8-spoke turbine to ensure a proper pop-up cycle. The triple traction gear cassette was built to control the cycling for smooth rotation and easy maintenance.

To take the Q360 valve apart, you will first take the band clamp off then you can take the lid off. Now you are looking at the internals. The internals all slide out, so you don’t have to take anything apart, this makes it very simple and user-friendly. You will see a big blue o-ring on the valve, and this helps seal all the water in. Then you will see a big blue turbine once you slide that out, the cassette will be sitting right underneath it. You can slide the gear cassette out too and that is everything that goes inside the valve.


The complete gear assembly features 14 gears widely dispersed to maximize grip around the 2-inch valve body with three traction points for the smoothest cycle possible. The durable design and low maintenance are a must for any homeowner. When the cassette is installed, there is nothing that needs to be pushed up or moved to the side for the water to get through. Every time the cassette moves, it will rotate to the port and the water pushes down and into the port. When it starts to go bad, the gears will thin out and the cassette will stop turning.

The Blue Square Cassette is universal and will work in all of the following Blue Square Cleaning Valves:



This impeller uses the water flow to rotate the gear cassette assembly around the 2-inch valve housing. The large fan blades spin the gears smoothly and quietly to deliver even water flow on any pumping speed. The Blue Square Q360 In-Floor Cleaning System Water Valve Turbine is built from strong materials to provide thorough cleaning while minimizing wear and tear. The water comes in through the side of the valve and turns the turbine and cleans while moving the valve as necessary. When the turbines go bad the teeth on the bottom will start to get thinned out. The turbine will still spin but the gears will not turn.


Blue Square has since done away with its patented clear blue lid and has replaced it with a more durable lid. The Blue Square Q360 In-Floor Cleaning System Water Valve Lid with O-Ring allows for the installation of a pressure gauge. The gauge is optional, it helps you to see the PSI better and to ensure everything is running smoothly. The optimal PSI is 20 pounds of pressure, if it is higher than that usually means there is a blockage, or maybe a different nozzle needs to be installed to allow more flow.


In conclusion, Blue Square’s Q360 valve is one of the easiest and most efficient valves there are on the market. If you have any questions about this valve, please feel free to contact us. If you are not sure if this valve works for you, please contact your local pool professional so they can assist you. Below, I have attached our video and in this video, we describe the complete Q360 valve internals and how to take everything apart. 

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