Pentair Brand New Lights The IntelliBrite Architectural Series

Welcome ePoolSupply supporters! Pentair has recently upgraded its IntelliBrite 5G series lights. These lights are now called the IntelliBrite Architectural Series and since this is essentially a brand new light, they have also new part numbers for these lights. The IntelliBrite Architectural Series Lights deliver a more dazzling and dynamic LED pool lighting experience using an improved proprietary design. Compared to Pentair IntelliBrite 5G series lights, the IntelliBrite Architectural series delivers higher lumen output depending on color mode, ranging from 28%-141% brighter, while energy efficiency improvements range from 17-58% based on color mode. 

The precise LED optic coverage gives evenly projected lights, it is like having a brand new pool experience. The improved optics enhances color mixing, provide a cleaner white light, and reduce glare. The tempered glass convex lens allows a wider angle of light distribution. Its stainless steel face ring adds a sleek finish and helps prevent cracking and corrosion. These lights bring out your pool's full beauty by transforming pool nights with a softer, broader, more evenly distributed lighting experience that minimizes dark areas, hot spots, glare, and stripes. If your pool has existing 6” or 10” Pentair niches containing incandescent or first-generation LED lighting, an upgrade to IntelliBrite Architectural series lights can help you create a more brilliant and beautiful backyard oasis. With a Pentair automation system, if available, or a ColorSync controller for Pentair color LED lights, you can have a fast, user-friendly way to light up your pool with brand-new lights. 

What is the lighting color option for the IntelliBrite Architectural series?

The lighting options are the same as they were for the IntelliBrite 5G. There are two types of pool and spa lights, color and white. The white pool and spa lights are available in classic white and warm white. The color lights are available in blue, green, red, white, and magenta. There are also seven dynamic color-changing light shows to choose from with the color pool lights which include:

  • Party (Rapid color changes to build energy and excitement)
  • Romance (Slow color transitions create a calming effect)
  • Caribbean (Cycles between a variety of blues and greens)
  • American (Cycles through red, white, and blue)
  • California Sunset (Cycles through orange, red, and magenta)
  • Royal (Richer, deeper color tones)
  • Spectrum AmerLite (SAm) (Cycles through white, magenta, blue, and green)

Will the IntelliBrite 5G color and white pool and spa lights continue to be sold?

No, these lights have been discontinued due to the recent launch of the new lights, however, replacement parts for the IntelliBrite 5G will continue to be sold. 

Does the IntelliBrite Architectural series color pool light have the same on/off sequence as the IntelliBrite 5G? 

Yes, these lights are essentially the same as the IntelliBrite 5G just improved the lighting experience, and energy efficiency. 

How do I know what the IntelliBrite Architectural series replacement SKUs are for the IntelliBrite 5G? 

We have created a listing for every new light and in the description, we have added the corresponding light part number. You should be able to search the part number for your IntelliBrite 5G light and the new one will pop up in the search bar as well. If you are having trouble finding anything please contact us and we can direct you to the proper light you are looking for. 

Here is our link to all of the new lights: IntelliBrite Architectural Series Lights 

In conclusion, with the brand new IntelliBrite Architectural series lights will give your pool a complete lighting upgrade. With more light that is now 60% brighter and 50% more energy efficient, these lights deliver a more dazzling and dynamic LED pool lighting experience. It spreads light widely and evenly in all directions to minimize hot spots, dark areas, glare, and stripes. 

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