Pentair Clean & Clear Cartridge Filter

Hello there again fellow ePoolSupply supporters, I want to talk to you about Pentair’s clean and clear cartridge filters. This filter is made to be long-lasting and the simplest to maintain. It is a fiberglass-reinforced, chemical resistant, polypropylene tank. Keep on reading to find out more information regarding these items available through ePoolSupply! 

 How It Works

The Pentair Clean and clear cartridge filter provide the maximum filter surface area to capture more dirt and solids and stretch out the time between cleanings. It operates under pressure, check your manual to see the maximum psi for your filter. Each unit will have its specifications and should be installed by a pool professional to ensure everything operates correctly. 


Check out the pictures below. As you will see, the number one is the clamp ring. The clamp ring helps give quick and easy access to the cartridge and the internal parts. If you continue down the list, number two is a single-piece fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene tank for strength and corrosion resistance. From there we get to number three. This is a 2” plumbing adapter for maximum flow and faster water cleaning. The last part in the image below is the “easy to access” 1-inch drain. This makes proper winterization fast and simple. 

How to Change the Filters

The filters should be changed whenever the filter pressure gauge increases above the normal operating pressure. One key to keeping them in good working condition is to clean them once every six months. One key reason to change/clean your filters is if you had very bad weather or if you notice a change in your water quality. To properly clean the cartridge you will first need to remove any large debris. Then you can use a garden hose to clean between the pleats from top to bottom. The deeper you get between the pleats, the longer your filter will last. You can then soak the filter in a cleaning solution to remove the built-up oils and dirt. We do offer a Bio-Dex Zeo Filter Cleaner that will be safe to soak your filter cartridges and will remove all the oils and minerals. After letting it soak, allow your cartridge to fully dry before reinstalling the units back into the filter assembly. Having a replacement cartridge allows you to switch cartridges at cleaning time so your pool isn't filtering without a filter.  

The average lifespan of these particular cartridges ranges from 3-to 5 years, however, you should still monitor the performance of your filter in case there is an issue along the way.  

There are three ways to determine when your filter cartridge should be changed. 

  • The first one is your cleaning frequency. If you clean your pool enough then it should last the maximum time. 
  • The second one is your water quality. If your water stays cloudy or green even with the proper chemical balance, then you might have to check the filter for any rips or run it longer and see if that helps, if it doesn't then it might be time for a new filter. 
  • The third one is your filter damage. Inspect it thoroughly when cleaning, if there are any rips, tears, or cracks in the rubber end caps then it is time for a new filter. 
In conclusion, the Pentair Clean and Clear pool Cartridge Filter will keep your pool sparkling day and day out. It is also easy to remove and rinse. It is one of the simplest to maintain and the easily accessible cartridge can be rinsed clean in minutes with just a simple garden hose.


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