Pentair Discontinued Pumps

Hello there again fellow ePoolSupply supporters! Pentair has recently decided to only continue with the newer generation of pumps and discontinue all older generations. They are going forward with the next generation of pool pumps. Pentair recently released the IntelliFlo3 and Intellipro3 family of variable speed and flow pool pumps. This next generation of pool pumps builds on the industry leading features of the previous generations and now includes additional value-add features, such as:

  • Connectivity 
  • Remote monitoring
  • Increased energy efficient 
  • Additional application possibilities 

With this transition to the IntelliFlo3 and IntelliPro3, Pentair will no longer be accepting new orders for previous generations of IntelliFlo and IntelliPro VS and VSF products starting October 3, 2022. The VS +SVRS pool pumps currently in production will remain available for order. Starting October 3, Pentair will increase our supply capacity of existing models and will reduce quarterly restrictions to allow increased order quantities for the IntelliFlo3, IntelliPro3, and WhisperFlo VST products. 

The pumps staying:

The pumps getting discontinued:

 All warranties on these pumps will still be valid on existing and new purchases. If you have any questions about your warranty please contact Pentair for more information.

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