Fact Friday: Pentair eCommerce Price Increase

Fact Friday: Pentair eCommerce Price Increase

Hello everyone and welcome to another Fact Friday blog from the team over at ePoolSupply. Today we'll cover Pentair's recent price increase and what to expect going forward. Stay tuned!

With Covid-19, logistics issues world wide, plastic shortages and more I'm sure you guys are seeing just as many price increases as we are. From the release of this blog, going forward we have adjusted our pricing to reflect the recent price increase rolled out by Pentair 10/2021.

What does that mean for Pentair eCommerce products?

For starters, all of Pentair EC (eCommerce) products are sold at a required MAP or minimum advertised price that is advised and updated by Pentair at their sole discretion. Going forward any time they advise authorized dealers (us over here at ePoolSupply) to change our pricing according to the MAP policy we are expected to do so along with EVERY other seller of Pentair products. This allows for safe, fair and consistent experiences with Pentair EC products. Moving into 2022, Pentair has announced "To mitigate the inflationary pressures and counteract significant surges in commodity, component and logistical costs, Pentair will be implementing further price adjustments". Going forward we expect to see additional price increases as the price of raw materials, fuel and other business facing products and services increase. With that being said, we aren't aware of another guaranteed price increase aside from this most recent one.

What can we expect going forward?

We expect to see additional price increases as it seems all products, services, and goods, have gone up across the board. When you tie in existing demand paired with record setting, never-before-seen demand, delays, worker shortages, and additional safety protocols and it isn't hard to see where and why the pressure points are and where the price may rise. In this case, the demand alone was more than enough with such limited materials available for production to begin with. At this point we get updates on pricing with the general public so we won't know, or have the chance to update our pricing until the information is public information. In partly that means we may update pricing in real time, and pricing may change from day to day or month to month based on our added cost from the manufacturer. With that being said, we are also looking forward to exclusive deals and opportunities to provide coupons and as well as deals specific to those who frequent our website. For the most part we run ads and deals before and after any known price changes to allow additional time to purchase before the price is altered or raised.

If you have any questions or concerns relating to the information found in this blog, please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly. Our team of industry professionals is happy to help you out!


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