Pentair MicroBrite Pool Light - What's in the Box

Hello and welcome back ePoolSupply supporters! In today's blog, I would like to go over what comes in the box for Pentair's MicroBrite pool light. I will also go over some information about the product. At the bottom, I will attach a YouTube video our pool professional has made and they will show you exactly what comes in the box and what it looks like. 

About The Product 

Pentair’s MicroBrite Color and White LED Pool Lights provide exceptional brilliance, amazing colors, and uniform lighting. Because of their small compact size, these lights can offer dynamic lighting in places never before possible. Imagine new possibilities for pool and spa designs. All you need for a stunning experience is a standard 1.5-inch pool wall fitting. Fits into narrow walls and tight spaces. In water as shallow as four inches. 


  • Energy-saving, LED efficiency from the industry's most compact 12V LED plastic light
  • Only 3.5 inches long to fit into narrow walls and tight spaces
  • No niche required - installs in any standard 1.5-inch pool wall fitting
  • Connects to any Pentair automation system and the Pentair IntelliBrite Controller
  • Warm white provides the gentle color tone of incandescent lighting
  • Total pool lighting package. In a small package.
  • Versatile, easy upgrade for ber-optic lighting.
  • 10X the life of incandescent light.

What Comes In The Box

This is a nicheless light and does not require an additional piece of equipment to be installed during the construction phase. If you wire this light into Pentair automation equipment, it will work with their light show sequences. This is a low-voltage light, it is only 12 volts which is nice because you can put multiple pieces and save more energy. When you open the box, the first thing is the warranty card. The warranty card is very important and you can either fill it out online or send it through the mail. The next thing in the box is the installation manual, which will give you a step by step instructions on how to install the light. Another thing that comes in the box is a little bag. In the bag, it has a plastic spindle, sealant, and an O-ring. The plastic spindle is going to be the tightening tool. The last thing in the box is the light. The light is wrapped in bubble wrap and the cord is sealed together with plastic wrap. If you have any questions please contact us and we can you the best we can. 

Pentair MicroBrite - LED Color Light (Local Pickup):

50-Foot Cord (620424)

100-Foot Cord (620425)

150-Foot Cord (620426)

In this video we’ll go over what you can expect to find with the MicroBrite, this light provides exceptional brilliance, lighting uniformity, and amazing colors. For new pool and spa designs, their compact size delivers the freedom to add dynamic lighting in places never before possible. The MicroBrite series of lights require no Niche! We provide professional insight along with any useful tips or tricks that may help you during the installation/removal process of this part.

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