Pentair Racer / Racer LS Tail Sweep - Quick Fix

Welcome back, ePoolSupply supporters! Today I will be going over how to remove and replace the Pentair Racer tail sweep. I will also be going over a little bit about the product. At the bottom of the blog, I have attached a YouTube video our pool professional has made to show you exactly how to fix it. If you want to know how to fix your tail sweep, then keep on reading! 

About The Product 

The sweep hose kit (360244) is a replacement part that is made by Pentair. Making them genuine OEM products. This sweep hose complete was designed for the Racer/Racer LS pressure cleansers and is meant to be a complete set of sweep hoses, with all the parts you would need to be included. This hose assembly was built to run off the back of the cleaner and shoots high-pressure water that agitates the dirt and debris off the surface of your pool and out of any corner the cleaner may not be able to reach. This way the cleaner can make its way around to sucking it up into the debris bag leaving behind a clean and crystal clear pool surface. This part is located on the rear of the cleaner. This has a scrubber on the end making it easy to identify and replace any parts that may be worn on it and causing the cleaner to lack in performance. A great troubleshooting tip to extend the life of this part is to replace the scrubber and wear rings every so often, so that way the other parts that come with this assembly can be counted on for a longer duration of time.

How To Remove and Replace Tail Sweep

On the back of the Pentair Racer (360228), it has a quick disconnect for the tail sweep. To remove the tail sweep, you will need to push and then twist and it should come right off. To replace the hose itself, you will need to remove the hose clamp. If you need a new hose clamp you can buy a new one. When replacing your tail sweep, you want to make sure all your parts are on nice and tight so you do run into any complications. All you have to do now is to feed the connector back on and it will just connect right into place. If it does not feel like it is back in, slowly twist it back and forth so it sinks all the way up to the actual back of the cleaner. Then you are just going to turn it once clockwise and it should be locked in and ready to go. If you want to make sure it is actually locked in place, just give the tail sweep a little tug to make sure it won't come off. If you do not want the tail sweep on, you can get a cap to put on it and the cleaner will still work the exact same just without the tail sweep. 

In this video, we walk you through how to remove and replace the Tail Sweep used on the backside of the Pentair Racer and Racer LS pressure-side pool cleaners. This hose assembly was built to run off the back of these cleaners and shoots high-pressure water that agitates the dirt and debris off the surface of your pool and out of any corners or trouble areas these cleaners may not be able to reach. We provide professional insight along with any useful tips or tricks that may help you during the installation/removal process of this part. If you have any questions or need help, please contact us and we can help you to the best of our ability.

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