Tech Tuesday: Pentair Superflo VS Error Codes

Error Codes Key for Pentair Superflo VS Pump

Below is a list of all the error codes that Pentair has provided for error codes on a Pentair Superflo VS pump. These codes are a great way to do a simple diagnostic to see what issues your pump is having. 

Decoding the errors on your pump

21 - Communication link between HMI and motor control has been lost

21 – Communication Link between the HMI and Motor control has been lost: Check the jacketed wire on the backside of the keypad inside the drive top cover. Ensure that the 5 pin connector is properly plugged into the socket and that there is no damage to the cable.

1A - Power Module over current detected

1A – Power Module over current detected: If this error displays multiple times, then there may be a problem with the pump’s rotating assembly. Please disassemble the pump and investigate to see if there is a problem with the impeller or mechanical seal. See page 14 “Pump Disassembly” for instructions for disassembling the pump.

17 - Phase Current Offset out of range*

16 - Phase Current Imbalance detected*

0F - Absolute AC under voltage detected

 0F – Absolute AC Under-Voltage Detected: This indicates that the supply voltage has dropped below the operating range of 99v. This could be caused by normal voltage variation and will clear itself. Otherwise, there could be excess voltage sag caused by improper installation or improper supply voltage.

02 - Absolute Phase current limit exceeded*

08 - Absolute Diode Bridge temperature limit exceeded*

04 - Absolute Power Module temperature limit exceeded*

06 - Absolute Power Factor Correction (PFC) temperature limit exceeded*

09 - DC bus over-voltage detected*

0A - DC bus under voltage detected*

*17,16, 02, 08, 04, 06, 09, 0AInternal Errors: These errors can occur based on operating conditions and the UL 60730 required self-diagnostic safety software. If they do not clear after multiple restart attempts, the drive should undergo a hard power cycle. Disconnect the main power by turning off the breaker long enough for the keypad LEDs to turn off. After power is reconnected if one of these errors continues to reappear, the drive may need service.

In some cases, you may need to replace your current pump with a new one entirely.



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judy jenney

judy jenney

brand new pentair vs gives out code EOFF ,then shuts off . whats up

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