Fact Friday: Ultraflex 1 and 2 Obsolete Part Replacement Kits

Caretaker is Making Ultraflex 1 and Ultraflex 2 Obsolete Part Replacement Kits

Caretaker is replacing obsolete replacement parts with all new kits relating to the Ultraflex 1 and 2 electronic 8-port valves. The following new motor and PCB upgrade kit continues to support the Ultraflex 1 valve. With some simple changes to the transformer kits it allows the customer/pool professional to simplify repairs. These kits are now specifically designed to be used on both generations of the Ultraflex valve.

First Replacement Kit: UF1 MOTOR AND PCB UPGRADE KIT (R0856400)

Because components on the Ultraflex 1 Printed Circuit Board (Part #4-7-5) have become obsolete, Caretaker has recently developed a motor kit with a sensor system that communicates with the Ultraflex 2 Main Controller PC Board. This item works fantastic with the system and works as a drop-in replacement. The new UF1 Motor and PCB Upgrade Kit (R0856400) utilizes the existing motor, D-shaped drive shaft and gray mounting plate. However, it also incorporates the Ultraflex 2 sensor, sensor PC Board, and sensor plate. This kit also includes an Ultraflex 2 Main Control PC Board (to be installed in the control box). We recommend while performing this upgrade to also inspect and replace the O-Ring Kit (Part #4-7-4) and the O-Ring Face Seal (Part #1-13-15) if they are old or look like they might leak soon.

Second Replacement Kit: TRANSFORMER UPGRADE KIT UF 1 AND UF 2 (R0861600)

All former Caretaker Ultraflex 1 and Ultraflex 2 transformers are now obsolete as we transition to a single transformer that will work in both products. It comes mounted to a backing plate pre-wired to a terminal strip and is ready to screw into most existing control boxes matching existing screw holes. It includes mounting hardware for those times when it does not. This kit simply drops into place.

Third Replacement Kit: TRANSFORMER UF 1 AND UF 2 POST UPGRADE KIT (R0861700)

This kit is a replacement transformer for valves that have already been upgraded to the new transformer (R0861600 mentioned above). This will work for all items that have already made the transition to the new system and then need to be replaced down the line of use. This is a little bit of a cheaper option once the initial upgrade has taken place.

To download the complete summary of new and obsolete products for your Caretaker system please contact us or Caretaker directly. For all other questions or concerns please contact Caretaker directly at or 855-280-6465.

Thank you so much for reading the post and please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns as we are happy to help in any way we can!

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