Fact Friday: What are the Parts of a Swimming Pool?

What are the Parts of a Swimming Pool?

The time has come again for another wonderful Fact Friday from Poolinfloor.com. Today we will break down the major parts of an in-ground swimming pool. The information found below is purely for educational purposes. We strive to provide our customers with as much knowledge as possible with their pool so they can maintain and purchase items wisely. Let's dive in!

Pool Pump:

The most important piece of equipment on your swimming pool is the pump. Without a pump, you have no water flow leaving the pool stagnant and dingy. The pump consists of an electric motor and front housing with a strainer basket to catch large debris and prevent it from entering the filter. The motor spins at high RPM's turning an impeller which draws water into the suction lines, through the pump, and into the pool filter. Suction lines normally run from the Skimmer, Main Drain, and Dedicated Suction Lines directly into the front of the pool pump. 

Pool Filter:

The filter is the second most important part of your swimming pool. Without the filter, dirty water would be circulated over and over again becoming more cloudy as time goes on. There are three types of filters currently on the market; each with their own list of benefits.  Sand filters catch debris as small as 20 microns and can be backwashed weekly to clear the filter of debris. The sand should be replaced every 5-10 years to keep it calcium free and filtering efficiently. Cartridge filters catch debris between 10-20 microns but need to be taken apart every couple months to be cleaned and hosed down. Cartridge filters cannot be backwashed. Diatomaceous Earth filters (D.E. for short) catch debris less than 5 microns but must be backwashed monthly to replace the D.E. as well as broken down every few months to keep the grids pristine. Waiting too long to clean the inside of a D.E. filter could result in costly repairs and replacement grids or manifold. 


The skimmer is a deck side "filter" for lack of a better word. The skimmer pulls in larger debris from on top of the pool surface. The skimmer basket should be emptied weekly/as needed. In some cases the skimmer is tied into the same suction line as the main drain. 

Main Drain:

The main drain is a suction device installed in the deepest part of your pool. It is used more with an Infloor Cleaning System to filter smaller debris from the pool floor through the pool pump and into the filter. The main drain is a very effective tool for clearing cloudy water. 


Pool returns are the method by which the water is fed back into the pool. They come in many forms such as: side jets, pop up heads, spa spill-over, waterfall, aerator, water feature, etc. 

This wraps up another wonderful Fact Friday here at Poolinfloor.com. These are the major components that keep your pool running and circulating year round. Each device requires special maintenance to keep them operating efficiently. Please contact us directly with any questions regarding your pool parts and we'd be more than happy to assist you. 

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