Fact Fridays: Gamma Series 4 Venturi Pop Up Heads

Learning More About Gamma Series 4 Venturi Pop Up Heads

It’s that time again, FACT FRIDAYS! We here at Poolinfloor.com like to make Fridays full of Facts! This Friday, 8-16-2019, we want to hit you with the facts about the Gamma Series 4 Venturi Pop Up Heads! We strive to provide our customers with as much knowledge as possible with their pool so they can maintain and purchase items wisely. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Gamma Series 4 Venturi Power

A&A Manufacturing has released a new revolutionary cleaning head that will “blow” away the competition. A&A uses the saying, “A better cleaning head for a better clean” and they are not lying. The G4V is a revolutionary new cleaning head technology that incorporates the power of venturi with a laminar flow path design that will change the way you circulate and clean your pool. A&A offers these items for new pools, but these technology in the heads can also be retrofitted onto existing systems. The A&A Gamma Series 4 Venturi is an upgraded version of the original A&A Gamma 4. Introduced mid-2012, the Gamma 4 utilizes a bigger locking tab to guarantee a seamless fit into your existing Gamma 4 Collars. They come in a variety of colors; white, gray, light gray, black, gold, euro blue, tan, and dark blue. Each color can be found in the link below. Easily diagnose or install these cleaning heads with either the Plastic Gamma 4 Tool or the Metal Gamma 4 Tool. When dealing with older heads that may be stuck in their fittings, we always recommend the Metal Tool. A&A has also made some improvements to the spring which allows the head to pop up fully when the pump is running at lower RPM's; a big plus for anyone who has recently switched over to a Variable Speed pump! The Gamma Series 4 Venturi uses pinholes on the top of the head to draw in extra water and add a cleaning boost for those hard-to-reach areas. Gamma 4 Venturi Cleaning Heads combine a 3/8" nozzle on the inside with a 7/16" outer nozzle to create a unique laminar path giving the cleaning head its patented cleaning boost. The Venturi option DOES NOT feature the Adjustable Nozzle like the Gamma Series 4 Standard however, they are suitable for any application in the pool. When matched with a variable speed pump most consumers can expect to save 50% on existing energy costs. They help with better system filtration, cleaner and healthier water, increased heating efficiency, creating more even chemical disbursement, which reduces maintenance needs, and they are designed to work smarter. Overall, the Gamma Series 4 Pop Up Heads are one of the best heads on the market and the flow they produce is impeccable.

Please note that more money spent normally means a higher quality product. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages for each pool style but overall, we highly recommend A&A Manufacturing Gamma Series 4 Venturi Pop Up Heads for your pools!

Thank you again for choosing Poolinfloor.com and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Gamma Series 4 Venturi Heads


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