Maintenance Mondays: Removal & Installation of a Paramount Gear Module for Pop-Up Systems

Remove or Install Gear Modules for Pop-Ups

It’s Maintenance Mondays again here at and today we are going to discuss how to replace and install a Paramount Gear Module for your pop-up system! These gear modules are unique to your specific valves and are incredibly easy to install! We will also discuss how to identify your current valve to ensure you are installing the proper module for your system. Please keep reading for more! Also, be sure to check out our video at the end of this article for an easy to follow guide on the information covered in this article!


Paramount 6-Port Gear Module (004-302-4408-00)

This Paramount 6-Port Gear Module for In-floor pool cleaning systems is uniquely designed for every pool size and shape. This is one of the most popular valves on pools installed with Paramount pop-ups and can be used in conjunction with other valves for your entire system. This gear module has a total 360-degree coverage that can be achieved in 12-18 cycles. It also has 99% guaranteed cleaning coverage leaving the customer with a great peace of mind. The Paramount 6-port Gear Module system benefits include: reducing chemical costs & electrical consumption up to 30%, eliminating the need for a vacuum device and unsightly hoses, it lowers heating costs, and even improves circulation! This module is brand new and is meant for 6-Port Paramount Pool In-floor Systems. It comes factory water-tested to ensure it will work straight out of the box and even includes a new O-RING! All Items included in the box include: 6-Port Valve Module, Valve Base O-Ring, Waterproofing bag from factory water test. Please note: This item DOES NOT INCLUDE BASE! All around, this item is one of the most popular gear modules on pools. It provides unprecedented cleaning power and comes with everything needed for installation.

Paramount Water Valve 4-Port Gear Module (004-302-4406-00)

Much like the valve discussed above, this Paramount 4-Port Gear Module provides the same outstanding cleaning power. It helps with all pop-up rotations in your pool and installs just as easy as the 6-Port does! The item can be distinguished by the ports available on top of the gear module. As you can see from the picture above, this item has 3-Port tied into 1-port and the remaining 3-ports are left to run as their own cycle. Please check out the video to see the base alongside the gear module discussed.

Paramount Water Valve 2-Port 5-Gear Module (Control) (004-302-4402-00)

This gear module is for the more “unique” cleaning systems. This item only rotates through two ports. As seen in the image above you can see that 3-valves are attached as one and work in conjunction with the other 3 valves for a total of 2-ports. It uses the same 5 gear assembly as the two modules above but only controls 2 ports of water flow from your system. Please check the video for more information about the valve base. Also, check out our webpage above to learn more!

Paramount Water Valve 2-Port 4-Gear Module (Circulation) (004-302-4400-00)

Much like the gear module discussed above, this item is also meant for the more “unique” systems. It can be used in conjunction with other modules to ensure proper circulation. This item only requires 4-gears to run, unlike the 5-gear modules above. This does not change the cleaning ability of this item. All items from Paramount include a 1-year manufacturers warranty.

Paramount Water Valve 3-Port Gear Module (004-302-4404-00)

Like all the modules discussed above, the 3-port gear module is very easy to identify. As seen in the image above, 2-ports are tied into 1-port a total of 3 times. This item uses the traditional 5 gears like the 4 and 6-port modules do. This item is meant to be used with 3-port base assemblies only and is not meant for any other base. Please see the video below to identify your module and base.

All the items discussed today are backed by Paramount’s 1-year manufacturer warranty. All claims are to be submitted through them and you must provide proof of purchase. All items come with a manufactured date on the side of the gear module and warranties should be made within a year from that date. All Paramount items purchased from are BRAND NEW and come directly from Paramount. Please email or call us at the link below with any other questions or concerns.

Thank you for reading!

Please see the video below on how to install all the units discussed. 

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