What's Up Wednesday: A&A Replacement for Riviera Twin Spin Pop-Up Heads!

A&A Replacement for Riviera Twin Spin Pop-Up Heads!
Every Wednesday at Poolinfloor.com we like to inform our customer’s on “what’s up” in the swimming pool industry. Whether that be simple content on who’s “who” in the industry or any other useful information that can be used by all pool owners around the world! In this week’s “What’s Up Wednesday” we would like to inform you about some recent information from A&A. Recently, A&A decided to make some changes on for a replacement head on the Riviera Twin-Spin style pop-up head. The replacement for the Twin-Spin heads are much better in manufacturing quality and are very simple to install! Please keep reading to find out more!
First off, Riviera Pools original Twin-Spin Pop-Up Heads are currently no longer being made. No replacement units are available for these heads and the only option is to replace these heads with another style. Here at Poolinfloor.com we highly recommend swapping these heads for a much higher quality and much more efficient pop-up head from A&A Manufacturing. A&A offers a Gamma Series 2 Venturi Pop-Up head that fits the existing collars on your Riviera Twin-Spin heads. This allows the homeowner the option to simply swap out the old Riviera Twin-Spin heads for a better-quality pop-up head. These newer style heads are the newest craze on the market. The G2V is a revolutionary new cleaning head technology that incorporates the power of Venturi with a flow path design that will change the way you circulate and clean your pool. These heads significantly reduce pump speeds, lower operating pressures, and increase overall system performance and save more than 50% on existing energy costs. These heads operate by taking the water from the pump into the wide-mouth inlet of the cleaning head, traveling through a unique laminar flow path. As water exits the nozzle, the Venturi design creates a vacuum, pulling additional water down through the top of the Venturi cap. This combines with the water from the pump, and creates amplified flow output, resulting in substantially augmented hydraulic power and energy efficiency.
To swap the old Twin-Spin heads out for the newer G2V you will need a couple of different tools. The first step in removing your old heads with the newer G2V style head is to purchase a G3/G4 all metal tool (550272). We highly suggest using the all metal tool over the plastic tool (547508) because the older Twin-Spin style heads are most likely stuck inside the collars in your pool. The all metal tool (550272) will give you the extra torque you need to twist the old heads out of your pool. Please note that the G3/G4 All metal tool (550272) DOES NOT sit all the way into the Twin-Spin heads but will work the best out of any other tool. Once you remove the old head from the collar in the bottom of your pool, it is time to install the newer G2V style heads. These heads come in a variety of colors and can pretty much match any color you may have had in your pool. (Please call us for color matching). In order to install your new G2V pop up heads you will need a different style tool. The all plastic tool for A&A Style 2 heads (522079) is the highest quality tool for your installation job. Simply attach the tool to your new G2V pop up heads and slide them into your empty collar. From here, you need to twist the new head in like how you removed your old Twin-Spin heads. Once you feel the G2V lock into place in the collar, you simply remove your tool. Please check out our simple to follow instructions/images at the end of this article to learn more. After you have removed and installed all your new pop-up heads you simply turn on your system and watch how much better they clean!
If you would like to know more information about the replacement heads or talk to us about any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at the link below.
Step 1: Locate your Riviera Twin-Spin Pop-up cleaning heads.

Step Two: Use the G3/G4 All Metal Tool to Remove Twin-Spin Pop-up Head from Collar

Step Three: With Collar now Empty, simply install the new G2V Pop-Up Head using the Style 2 Tool.

Step Four: Your install is now complete! Simply turn your system on and watch the cleaning improve instantly!  

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