Pentair 011018 Discontinued! Replaced with EC-011028

Pentair 011018 Discontinued! Replaced with Pentair's EC-011028

The Pentair IntelliFlo model 011018 was the base model 3HP VS from Pentair. This item was once considered to be the top of the line consumer pool pump from Pentair. Before the 011018 got its great rating, it was once the IntelliFlo 011013 which Pentair has since been discontinued. The 011018 model was a 3-horsepower pump that was capable of huge flow volumes, up to 180 GPM at 30' and 168 GPM at 40'. This pump was capable of over six horsepower and the flow rate and electrical draw were regulated via the diffuser and impeller. This was one of the reasons that many people believe the Pentair IntelliFlo is the best pump on the market for swimming pools.


To continue the 011018’s fantastic name, Pentair decided to upgrade this prized pump into a newer model IntelliFlo (EC-011028). In 2018, the 011018 IntelliFlo model was phased out and until recently has not been available to purchase from Pentair or anywhere on the market. Parts for the 011018 model will still be available and the 011018 pumps that are currently still on the market, older stock, are still backed with the regular full warranty offered by Pentair. Once all these items sell out on all the other marketplaces, the 011018 will be discontinued and the EC-011028 will be the new model number for this IntelliFlo pump.

Though there is not much difference in these two pumps, and they do have the exact same flow and efficiency data as the older 011018 IntelliFlo model, they have made a few changes. Pentair made some a design revision to the drive units. They have also made some design changes to the plastic used in the pump. The Volute on the 011018, though amazing as It was, did have some challenges. The plastic around the suction side of the pump has been “beefed” up and made to be a lot more durable through travel. This was a huge design change for us here at because it allows the pump to be shipped efficiently with little risk of damage. This change allows installers and homeowners to move the item around without a huge risk of breaking any plastic.

In our opinion, if you have two-inch sized plumbing lines, 240 volts of power available for your pump, and your filter and heater can handle the flow, then the EC-011028 is the pump for you!

If you would like to know more information about the pump or talk to us about any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at the link below.


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