Preparing Your Pool For Summer Activities

Welcome back, ePoolSupply supporters! As springtime is coming to an end, this means soon it will be summertime. Is your pool area ready for all that comes with Summertime entertaining? Now’s the time to assess your space and determine how to improve it in time. Keep reading to learn how to get your pool ready for that hot weather and for fun activities with family and friends! 

Check Pool Equipment 

You want your pool and the surrounding area to be in good condition for maximum enjoyment. The extent of repairs you need will depend on the thoroughness and effectiveness of your maintenance practices. Lack of regular and proper upkeep could lead to greater expenses for repairs and replacements. Be sure to consider your financing options ahead of time. Some things to check are for any leaks, clogged filters, and old or damaged pools. If you encounter any of these problems, have your broken pool equipment repaired or replaced as soon as possible so your pool will still be ready when the heat rises. If you are not sure what you are looking for please contact a local pool professional. 

Circulate the Water

It is vital to get the water moving. Doing so will get the chemicals to move around and help stabilize the water’s pH levels. It’s in your best interest to circulate your pool water a few weeks before you’re ready to swim. It’s also ideal to leave the circulating equipment on for at least two to three hours each day.

Clean and Balance the Pool Water 

If you want to enjoy using your pool as soon as it's hot outside, it’s smart to start preparing your pool early. It's always a good idea to start preparing your pool for swimming season in the early months of spring, so you can enjoy your pool as soon as it's warm enough. It will also reduce algae growth since warm weather is the perfect temperature for algae to bloom. Cleaning your pool will ensure the pool water is safe for use. Once the pool is clean, your next course of action is to rebalance the water’s pH levels. This step is crucial because if the pH level is unbalanced, it can damage the mechanical components of your pool or irritate your eyes and skin. 


A very important aspect of preparing your pool area is ensuring safety. Keep in mind that you are responsible for what happens on your property. As you are working to improve the appearance of your pool oasis, be sure to review water safety guidelines. You also want to ensure that features such as steps and diving boards are safe for use. Safety also includes sun protection. 

In conclusion, as you prepare for festivities involving your pool area keep the advice above in mind. Any and all gatherings will exceed expectations given careful consideration and attention to pool repairs, cleanliness, and safety. If you still have problems executing any of these steps, it’s in your best interest to contact your local pool professional. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions about your pool needs. Contact Us!

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