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Hello there ePoolSupply supporters and fellow blog readers. I am here with you all again to announce an exciting new product installment to our beloved pool industry from our great friends over at Pentair. Now I’m sure if you are familiar with Pentair being one of the industry leaders and the products that they offer and if not, they are mainly known for their exclusive line of pool equipment and water sanitization. They also make a great line of pool cleaners as well but that will be saved for another day and blog. Today I would like to discuss the “All-New” Pentair WhisperFlo VST (part #011533) variable speed pool pump which is a hybrid cross between the SuperFlo VST (1.5 HP) and IntelliFlo (3 HP) variable speed pool pumps.

What Is a Pool Pump?

Pool pumps are the heart and soul of your pool’s circulatory system. It pulls water from the pool and pushes it to the other equipment to be heated, treated, and filtered, returning cleaner, healthier, and warmers pool water just like the heart mostly does for our bodies. When your pool pump isn’t operating at peak performance, it can have negative effects on the rest of your pool equipment and the water you should be swimming in and enjoying.

WhisperFlo VST

WhisperFlo VST Variable Speed Pool Pump!

The WhisperFlo VST was created to help the increasing demand for pool pumps and especially ones that meet the criteria to run an in-floor pool cleaning system which requires at least a 2-horsepower minimum to operate efficiently and effectively. This durable pool pump offers more power than the SuperFlo VST pool pump you and your energy bill will not suffer. The WhisperFlo VST offers variable speed technology that can reduce energy costs by up to 90% saving you money which is always a bonus nowadays. Installation friendly is an understatement as this pump adapts to 115V to 230V and 50hz or 60hz power with no special wiring or switching required just like the SuperFlo VST. One of the key differences between this pump and the SuperFlo is the fact that the WhisperFlo has the same “Wet End” or Volute as the 3 horsepower IntelliFlo meaning it can not only handle more debris because of the bigger debris basket but it also allows more flow of water increasing the horsepower this pump is possible of creating. The SuperFlo rates at 2.2 THP (Total Horsepower) whereas the WhisperFlo rates above that at 2.6 THP and just below the IntelliFlo which rates at 3.95 THP making this a great option for pool applications needing something right in the middle. Because of the IntelliFlo volute that this WhisperFlo has, it will only accept 2-inch schedule 40 plumbing whereas the SuperFlo accepts 1.5” and 2” Plumbing. The only downside I would say about this particular product is the fact that Pentair doesn’t offer the unions or the com cable to be included in the box when purchasing, luckily you have us as we offer 2” hi-temp threaded union manufactured by our friends at CMP as well as the com cables that use the SuperFlo uses, although the cables are hard to get our hands on currently as they are on a nationwide backorder.

Threaded Unions

Pentair has done such an amazing job of offering an evolving portfolio of variable speed pool pumps that create solutions for every pool regardless of its shape or size. We are so excited to see where this company will go in the future and how it will expand the horizons for every pool owner not just here in our great nation but around our beautiful planet. I hope I provided you with enough information to make an educated decision on whether or not this product fits your wants and or needs and if not please don’t hesitate to reach out as we are always just a click or a phone call away. On behalf of everyone here at ePoolSupply thank you very much for reading along and keep on swimming!

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