Troubleshooting Your A&A in floor cleaning system

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Hello and welcome! Are you having issues with A&A pop-up heads? Today we’re going to be going over three of the most common issues and what you can do to get them fixed! And with that out of the way, let’s get started. If you are unsure as to what pop-up heads you have, please make sure to click this LINK for more information.

To start its best to identify the issue with the pump the way to identify this is by looking at a few different things

  • Dirt collecting in one area of the pool
  • Some popup heads not coming up
  • Pop-up heads not coming down

So, let’s start by addressing “dirt collecting in one area of the pool”. Now your first instinct is most likely to dive down and take a look at the heads themselves, but the issue is most commonly caused by poor water circulation or there’s an issue somewhere in your system causing a lack of pressure. So, let’s go through step by step and look at what you need to do!

  • Go through your pool’s filter, leaf skimmer, and skimmer baskets and make sure that everything is clean and functioning properly.
  • Check return valves after filter for proper water flow/pressure. You want about 55 to 60 gallons per minute of water moving through your system. This is most easily identifiable if you can tell that the flow is weak coming out of the heads 
  • If none of that is working so far, it’s time to grab your goggles and dive down to take a look. Check the heads directly to inspect for any clogs in the head or any obvious signs of damage. 
  • You can also use one of the tools at the links below. This will help eliminate the need to dive into the pool during those colder winter months!

Another issue that you might encounter is “your heads might not be coming up”. This usually presents itself as either one or two heads stuck down or even every single head not coming out. 

  • Remove the head and check to see if the head is rotating correctly. The unit will not be able to rotate at all if the head isn’t coming all the way out of its socket. 
  • If your head has an adjustable nozzle, you may want to reduce the opening size you’re using. This will help provide enough back pressure for the other heads in that particular cycle to pop up with different nozzles. 
  • You want your pump to be putting out about 26 to 30 psi. Most pumps do not give the option to see how much PSI is being produced so we highly recommend a flow gauge or filter pressure as a reference. 

Finally, you might be experiencing the opposite issue. Perhaps “your pop-up heads are not going down”. Now, much of what you’ll do for this issue is the same as what you would do for the issue above. 

  • If your head has adjustable openings, you may want to reduce the opening size you’re using. This will again provide back pressure on the other heads in that cycle to help diagnose the problem further. 
  • There could also be an issue with the valve itself. If the internal workings on the valve have failed, then you may experience a “bleed” through onto other ports in the valve. We would suggest removing your gear kit and inspecting the inside of the valve to make sure everything is working properly. 
  • You can reinstall the head by pushing down and rotating counterclockwise, although you may need the installation tools we listed above. Sometimes just removing the head can help any dirt or debris clogging the head to be released. 

In conclusion, there are many different reasons why your in-floor system may be experiencing issues. We highly suggest reaching out to us directly if you have any questions or concerns about your system. You may also contact a local pool professional to help diagnose any issues further. Here’s a LINK to our store if you’d like to browse all of our options for A&A heads. If you have any other questions or concerns regarding the information found in this blog, don't hesitate to reach out to us directly! 


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  • Rich Allen

    Pool renovation resulted in one of the pop up housings getting bent just enough the pop head won’t screw all the way in. The renovator refuses to fix it. Suggestion on a fix?

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