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Welcome back, ePoolSupply supporters! I have an update that has happened on our website. As many of you know, Pentair has recently acquired A&A Manufacturing and we are extremely excited to see this partnership. A&A Manufacturing still makes the same amazing and trustworthy products. There are only a couple of things that have changed. The A&A name has changed and the SKU’s or part numbers have also changed. Here at ePoolSupply, we have both the old and new SKUs so if you do not know the new SKU or the old one we can still find the product! The old SKU will be in the description and the new SKU should be where the old part number was at. You should be able to still search the old SKU, new SKU, and the name of the product in the search bar. If you are having trouble finding any of these please call us and we can help direct you. 

Here I have added a picture to show you what it will look like now on our website. 

Pentair In-Floor Circulation is one of the best in the industry. Their goal is to bring you high-quality in-floor parts and to assure a more enjoyable time in your pool. Their products are designed to make pools self-cleaning. Their product list varies from water valves, replacement heads, removal tools, etc. These products can be used for building or replacing existing in-floor parts. The in-floor systems sweep and remove debris making the water clean and circulated. Pentair In-Floor Circulation uses fewer chemicals and energy in running its system. This makes their system safer for the environment, you, and your friends and family. 

Self-Cleaning System Capabilities:

  • Cleans water
  • Circulates water 
  • Sweeps walls, steps, and benches
  • Clean spas
  • Eliminates cold spots 
  • Energy efficient 
  • Uses fewer chemicals 

Check out YouTube videos talking about Pentair In-Floor Circulation formerly known as A&A:



Also, take a look at everything we offer for Pentair In-Floor Circulation formerly known as A&A products:

If you have any questions please contact your local pool professional or contact us and we can help the best we can! 

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