What Is an In-floor Pool Cleaning System?

What is up fellow ePoolSupply supporters? Back with you today because I want to discuss a question that comes up frequently through phone calls and emails here at the store and that question being is what is an in-floor system? This blog is designed to inform and explain what an in-floor system is and why we have them in pools. In-floor systems are the components or heads on the bottom of the pool that pop out of your pool floor, steps, and other areas that circulate water to remove debris and dirt and help keep your pool clean. In a way, it is the sprinkler system of your pool. However, instead of growing, it is designed to stop clutter and other harmful things that can group on your pool and cause damage to your pool flooring.

Pool in-floor systems are becoming more and more popular with pool installs. They are a cleaner and a pool vacuum combined into one device. They are needed because they can clean the whole pool while it is in use, and they can do so much more than clean the bottom of the pool. There are many benefits to having an in-floor system installed in your pool. One is that you don't have to worry about vacuuming up a mess. Another advantage is that it's much easier to maintain than other cleaners. The last benefit is that you don't need any additional equipment for installation, which means less cost for you!

An in-floor pool cleaner is a machine that cleans the bottom of the pool. It's a type of automatic pool cleaner that does not need to be attached to the side or bottom of the pool.
The benefits of an in-floor system are:
- The system can clean more than just one area at a time.
- The system can clean all around the pool, and they don't have to move around as much as other cleaners do.
- No additional accessories in your pool while you are swimming, like hoses and cleaners

Pool cleaners have their benefits; however, additional attachments are needed: Hoses, debris clogs, the unit, suction, and more. Cleaners do tend to break down in time, and due to the water and chemical nature, the cleaner can break down fairly quickly due to rust, depending on the cleaner you may have. With the in-floor system, the pop-up head will come up when needed, generate a powerful cleaning spray on the bottom of the pool, and then retract to be flush with the flooring when complete. There are no attachments in the pool, clutter, and hoses floating around your pool. Depending on your system, like the A&As In-Floor system, there is a chance of 23% more powerful water flow at no additional energy cost and 33% wider cleaning coverage.

A&A Heads

In-floor systems are great. They are powerful; they keep your pool clean and can help maintain your pool needs during the off-season. They are easy, look great in your pool, and have no cleaner roaming around your pool that you need to avoid. They also help circulate and disperse chemicals throughout the pool’s water quickly and efficiently. Have a pool heater? In-floor cleaning systems also help provide heated water from the bottom pool surface providing better range and efficiency than normally coming from your return jets. This will only heat the upper layer costing you time and more money that should be spent on enjoying your heated water.

In-floor Layout

Overall, these systems are fantastic! We highly recommend them if you are building a new pool and are looking for something less traditional as far as a pool cleaner is concerned. I hope I provided you with enough information to make an educated decision on whether this system fits your wants and or needs and if not please don’t hesitate to reach out as we are always just a click or a phone call away. On behalf of everyone here at ePoolSupply thank you for reading along and keep on swimming!

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