What is infloor pool cleaning?

Benefits of In-Floor Pool Cleaning

We at Poolinfloor.com believe that in floor cleaning is the best way to clean you pool. These systems make your life so easy when having to deal with swimming pool cleaning and maintenance. 

DID YOU KNOW: The most common reason why in floor systems do not work is because a dirty filter is preventing flow going to them

DID YOU KNOW: The pop-up heads themselves are the least common problem when the in-floor system is not cleaning your pool. Crazy to think huh? But, there are so many different things that have to work properly in order to get the heads working correctly. 

Unfortunately, you can only have in floor cleaning if your pool was built that way. Most people do not know there are 4 major different brands and types of in floor cleaning systems. The three are:

Caretaker 99: This was first created here in Scottsdale, Arizona. Then they became part of the major pool equipment manufacture, today known as, Zodiac Pool Systems

Paramount: This was first created by the Ghiz family. Buzz was the President of Paddock Pools and still currently runs operations at Paramount. More than likely, if you have a Paddock Pool, you have a Paramount in-floor system.

A&A MFG: A&A is a Shasta Pools product. Shasta and other builders have been using them for many years. Their warehouse is still a part of Shasta’s building and like the other 2 in-floor companies, they are an Arizona native.

Blue Square Manufacturing: Blue Square is also a product child of an Arizona pool building company: Presidential Pools. Tim Murphy, created Blue Square in 2010 and has been running it ever since. 

At poolinfloor.com... We Love Pop Ups!

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