Jandy iAquaLink TCXP - What's In The Box

It's Maintenance Monday here at ePoolSupply which means a brand new blog. Today we'll discuss a new machine (new to our blogs anyway!) the Jandy TCXP!

The TCXP is a complete and direct replacement for a T104R or a T300R intermatic time clock. This setup features everything you will need to replace an existing time clock. Including a new mount and antenna. The TCXP ships from the factory with two included temperature sensors, one for air temperature and the other for water temperature.

iAquaLink TCXP Kit Features

Moving further into the kit, there is an included light switch that connects directly to the panel wirelessly letting you control your lights remotely via app instead of the old school light switch present on most pool builds. You’ll need to set up Bluetooth settings on the panel and antenna before use. An updated weather resistant panel comes standard as well for installation ease featuring a bonding plug. One screw secures the panel cover and once removed, the entire wiring panel can be accessed for maintenance or installation. Featuring a full printed circuit board and relay, there is everything needed to convert to this system. For safety reasons, the panel does feature a locking tab and a place for a lock as well.

System Power & Details

The system is powered by either 115V or 230V designated by a changeable mode on the actual panel. It is important to note that the panel needs to be changed in order to safely accommodate 230V. The panel also has a connection for a stand alone valve actuator allowing for control of water features or valves. To build on that, the TCXP system can and will address pool heating systems as well via a red 4 pin connection (Red, Black, Yellow, and Green wire) and generally is an all inclusive automation system including pump automation. The antenna is actually the go to control panel and wirelessly allows Auto, Quick Clean, Service, and Timeout modes of use. Inside the antenna panel is a 12V power connection as well as an ethernet port. It’s important to note that there is a simple toggle switch inside the antenna panel for hardwired ethernet connections or wireless connection.

iAquaLink App Control from Mobile Device or Computer

The entire system can be controlled via the iAquaLink app from a mobile device or computer, allowing access to the pool system from abroad as well as unrestricted access to any pool service you may have maintaining your pool.

Another important note: this system is for a pool only and will not work for ANY spa applications. Jandy suggests professional installation, however, for a DIYer you’re looking at about 2-3 hours of time from start to finish. Below is an entire breakdown of what is included in this kit!

Kit Breakdown:

  • Enclosure* and PIB Mounting Hardware 
  • Screw #8-15 X 1 1/4” (Qty 3) 
  • Wall Anchor #8 1” (Qty 3) Screw And Fuse Goody Bag 
  • Fuse 5A/125V 
  • O-Ring 5/32” ID 
  • Screw #8-32 X 3/8” Wire Cover Tube Kit 
  • 24” Tubing 
  • Bushing 20.4mm 
  • Bonding Lug 
  • Screw #10-24 X 5/8” 
  • Nut 10-24 Air Temperature Sensor 
  • Wireless Light Switch/Wall plate Command Hub 

*Note: Enclosure only included on TCXP model. Conversion Kit model does not include enclosure.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us directly! Our team of industry professionals is happy to help you out!

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