What's In The Box: Pentair Lil Rebel Suction Side Above Ground Pool Cleaner

 What's In The Box: Pentair Lil Rebel Suction Side Above Ground Pool Cleaner

Hello and welcome to another Fact Friday! Today we'll cover the Lil' Rebel Suction Side Above Ground Pool Cleaner from Pentair as well as all the corresponding parts included in the cleaner box! Let's dive in!

The Lil Rebel is a smaller version of the highly rated Rebel pool cleaner, so it makes sense that the Lil Rebel is Pentair’s premier above ground suction cleaner! The vacuum comes standard with a two year warranty from the manufacturer. With thirty two feet of hoses included, there is more than enough coverage for the average above ground pool. Pentair includes humped tires, a hose swivel and roller bars also found on the larger Rebel. The Lil Rebel features a robust turbine for cleaning efficiency and maneuverability. With a smaller orifice than most cleaners, the Lil Rebel was made to remove debris, leaves, and other small objects. A rock or branch would be too large of an object for the Lil Rebel to handle in our opinion. With that being said, the Lil Rebel has superior internals and gears. All of the critical components are made from quality materials to last years of wear and chemical strain. A float, reducer cone, and regulator valve come standard with the Lil Rebel making this an even easier plug and play style cleaning system. The reducer cone allows the cleaner to connect to any suction wall fitting or skimmer connection one might find in an above ground pool set up. The float will sit on the first hose closest to the cleaner and swivel assembly to reduce the weight of the cleaner in the water to allow better movement as well as efficiency and cleanliness. This cleaner is simple and fairly inexpensive as far as cleaners go. The ease of maintenance brings peace of mind knowing that your pool is being taken care of effortlessly.



We suggest chemically balancing the pool water, brushing the pool and letting the debris settle, hand vacuuming thoroughly, and cleaning any filter or pump strainer baskets before installing the Lil Rebel to ensure it operates properly. At the end of the day this cleaner will run until the wheels literally fall off. The Tires, Wheels, and Bearings are the biggest point of fault and usually require maintenance every season at the bare minimum. While that might seem frequent, if you are familiar with pool cleaners you will know due to the harsh use and chemicals they require a lot of maintenance from pool operators season to season. While we're on the topic of maintenance, we felt it was important to note Pentair does not include a flow gauge with this cleaner. The flow gauge may be purchased separately if required for proper installation and use.

Follow along with the video below while we fully break down the Pentair Lil' Rebel Suction Side Above Ground Pool Cleaner!

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