What's new? The WhisperFlo VST Variable Speed Pool Pump

Hello and welcome! Today we’re going to be comparing the WhisperFlo VST Variable Speed Pool Pump to the IntelliFlo and the Superflo. The WhisperFlo is a brand-new pool pump produced by Pentair. Now when I say new this thing was released on May 4th so it’s still less than a month old. So, without further ado, let’s begin with the breakdown!

So, as I’m sure you know it’s difficult to get inventory in most industries right now and that includes us at ePoolSupply unfortunately, but the good news is that the WhisperFlow VST does a lot to help with this issue. So, what Pentair did with the WhisperFlow VST is they made it this kind of amalgamation of the parts of the IntelliFlo and the Superflo. For instance, the entire backend drive assembly was taken from the Superflo minus the motor. If you don’t know the back-end drive assembly is where your motor and your drive are housed. You’ll also find your keypad mounted on top of this.




 And from the IntelliFlo they took the volute or the “wet end”. So, let’s take a moment to break down exactly what a volute is. It’s a motor that rotates something called an impeller that works like a reverse propeller. As the Impeller rotates it creates centrifugal force which pulls water through the mechanism. The volute was taken from the IntelliFlo specifically due to its bigger lid and basket which allows for more water to flow through and be filtered. Which also has the bonus of increasing the horsepower for the entire unit. Now the WhisperFlo does clock in at a lower total horsepower than the IntelliFlo. The IntelliFlo clocks in at 3.95 while the WhisperFlo is at 2.6 horsepower, but that might not matter depending on your needs. For instance, if you have an above-ground spa or water features you’re going to want to spend a bit more and go with the more powerful pump, but if you are only trying to operate your in-floor pop up heads or then you’ll only need 2 to 2.2 horsepower which the WhisperFlo will easily cover. It’s also worth mentioning that running your pump at a lower horsepower will save you a lot of money in the long run. The IntelliFlo uses a specific cable for automation that an RGB cable. So typically, in the past, you have to wire each speed into your automation system to tell it to turn on speed one, speed two, and speed three. The WhisperFlow has a VST cable, two-way communication that can communicate back and forth on your settings and your speeds. And you can use the application to change the speeds as well. The WhisperFlo shares this VST cable so it’s much easier to just set your pump up on a schedule and forget it!

So, it’s up to you to decide which pool pump best suits your needs at the end of the day. From cheapest to most expensive it’s going to be Superflo, WhisperFlo, and then the IntelliFlo is the most expensive unit we can provide. And of course, these pumps are local pickup only so please come on down to ePoolSupply today and we’ll answer all your questions and get you quoted on a price. Thank you for reading and have a fantastic day!




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