Zodiac Baracuda T5 Duo - What's in the Box?

Hello and welcome back ePoolSupply supporters! This week I will be going over what comes in the box for the Zodiac Baracuda T5 Duo. I will also go over a little bit about the cleaner and have added a picture so you know exactly what cleaner I am going over. At the very bottom, there is a YouTube video our pool professional has made to show you exactly what comes in the box. He also gives you some useful information about the cleaner and the parts of the cleaner. 

About The Cleaner 

The Zodiac T5 Duo provides dependable all-season performance and efficiency for in-ground pools of any shape and size. This cleaner uses the reliable Dura Life Diaphragm, which is the only moving part the cleaner has, ensuring that it's long-lasting and easy to maintain the product. The Duo Disc system allows the cleaner to achieve a closer clean with the help of the independent discs for enhanced coverage, and great pool adhesion. T5 Duo was designed to work with low-flow pumps, it also includes a twist lock hose for simple connection and can be used on all pool surfaces.


What Comes In The Box 

One of the first things you will see is a cyclonic leaf catcher (CLC500). This prevents debris from getting into your filtration system and causing any blockage or damage to it. Another thing that will be in the box is a 12-pack of twist lock hoses (R0527800). If you have any extra hoses it is best to keep them so that in the future when one wears down you can easily replace it without having to spend money on a whole new pack. In the box you will see a package, this will include the warranty card that you will fill out and send to Zodiac. In that bag, there will be the manual, and this is important to keep so you know how to work the cleaner properly and how to install it. Another item you will find is the quick disconnect (R0526900) this was designed to connect the twist lock hose end to the top of the cleaner itself giving it the power to suck and pull dirt and debris off the pool's surface. The next thing in the box is the wheel deflector hose mount (R0541900). This ensures that the cleaner does not stop or get stuck in any corners or around any of your steps. The twist lock 45-degree extended elbow (R0532400) will also be included in the box, this part was designed to connect to the flow keeper valve. You will also receive a 45-degree elbow (R0532500) which will go inside the valve cuff (R0527600), this will also be included in the box. In the box, you will find a flow gauge (R0527500) when adjusting the flow of water, you want the red tag on the bottom to be sitting at 3. At the bottom of the box, there will be a hose weight (R0542600) this helps by keeping the cleaner on the bottom of the surface as opposed to floating up to the top of the water. Finally, the last thing in the box is the cleaner head itself. The cleaner will have the front (R0563500) and rear (R0563600) discs already pre-installed. The whole complete diagram will also be already preinstalled. 

In this video, we show you what is included in the box of a Zodiac T5 Duo Suction Pool Cleaner. We also describe and show you what every part does! These suction cleaners are awesome! If you have any questions or would like to buy one, please contact us and we can help you!

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