What's In The Box: Polaris 65 Above Ground Cleaner

The Polaris 65 is an above ground pool cleaner meant to clean most sized above ground pools. This cleaner uses a bag to grab debris vs a diaphragm so it has a fairly simple design. There are 5 rollers on the actual body of the cleaner that allow it to roll off any obstruction. The cleaner floats on the surface of the pool moving around to collect debris. The 65 features multiple propulsion jets that allow it to move or change direction with ease. The 65 is a simple installation and takes about 10 minutes to complete from box to operation. The nice thing about the 65 is the bag is actually attached to the cleaner via a hose. So the cleaner floats with the bag behind it capturing debris. In addition to that hose, the cleaner features a full size hose complete with hose floats. The end of the hose features a twist lock for safe and easy installation to the pool's filtration system via the side wall port. This same twist lock features a threaded pressure relief valve to aid in dialing in the cleaners speed, pressure, and usage. It’s important to note that this particular cleaner uses the pools return line and not a skimmer line like most other cleaners making this a pressure side cleaner vs a suction side. This same pressure relief protects the pool, cleaner and occupants. Without it, there could be unsafe pressure. The hose is one solid piece and not sections, so when the hose cracks or warps you’ll need to replace the entire hose unit. We suggest brushing the pool regularly to allow the cleaner to do its job and grab all the debris. With that being said, it’s important to note this cleaner for the most part only cleans surface debris and can not scrub the pool surface at all aside from the pressure jets. Like every other cleaner, this cleaner needs some assistance with cleaning, and shouldn’t be expected to operate at full efficiency without a little elbow grease. To build on that, this cleaner can and will grab any surface debris, simply brush them to the top of the pool and the 65 will do the rest. The mesh bag for debris is fairly large and should be able to accommodate the majority of debris you can expect to find in an above ground pool up to 5 feet in depth. The 65 is also available in a fun and playful finish. The Turbo Turtle. Simply a 65 with a turtle for the body, both of these cleaners are the perfect addition to an above ground pool, even those with uneven bottoms. Like with every other pool cleaner, it’s important to remove the cleaner before super chlorination or shock as this will cause unnecessary wear and tear on the cleaner and its components. The last note of caution is to be careful when using this cleaner on vinyl lined pools. This cleaner can and will scratch and wear vinyl liners and patterns even after just one use. Below is a full breakdown of the cleaner.