A&A Top Feed Complete 5 Port Ball Valve Rebuild Kit - What's in the Box

Welcome back, ePoolSupply supporters! In today's blog, I will be going over Pentair’s In-Floor, formerly known as A&A, top feed 5-port ball valve complete rebuild kit. I will be going about the rebuild kit and I will also be going over what comes with it. I will also attach a video below that shows one of our pool professionals showing you exactly what comes with the rebuild kit.

About The Product 

This Kit is for a 5-Port Top Feed A&A Water Valve that already has the Large Acrylic Balls at the bottom of the water valve. The gear plate will have 10 gears. This Kit replaces all parts except the Acrylic Balls. Replacement for Magna Sweep, Quick Clean, California Clean, Turbo Clean, Auto Clean, and Smart Clean In-Floor Cleaning Systems.


  • Center Shaft
  • Anti-Friction Washers(2)
  • Lower Cam
  • Gear Assembly
  • Top Impeller
  • Impeller Shims (2)
  • Outer Base O-Ring

What Comes In The Bag

One of the first things you will pull out of the bag is the installation instructions. This is very important to read and make sure you are installing it right. The next thing in the bag is the top feed gear kit. This will be a higher-style gear kit, it has an extra pvc ring that will protect the gears. Sometimes on the gear kit, the cam may or may not be installed. If it is installed, it will be on the bottom of the gear kit. The cam is directional and it is important to know how to install it. The cam will be a bit wider. This is meant to spin underneath the gear kit and it will lift up each individual acrylic ball as it spins around. If you do not have the acrylic balls and you have the t-flaps it is a completely different cam. The next thing in the bag is the top feed impeller and this will not need as much surface area to make this spin efficiently. If you look in the bag, you will see a little bag and this will have some extras in it. In the little bag, it will come with a new o-ring, center shaft, and 2 anti-friction washers. If you have any questions about this, please contact us and we can help you the best we can.

In this video, we show you what comes included in the bag when purchasing the A&A Top Feed 5-Port Ball Valve Complete Rebuild Kit (230060). This kit is designed to work with the old Acrylic Ball style Top Feed A&A 5-Port in-floor cleaning valve that has now been discontinued. As long as the acrylic balls you have in your valve are in good shape this is everything you would need to replace the gear kit. If they are damaged in any way then you would need to be looking for the A&A Top Feed Complete 5 Port T-Valve Retro-Fit Rebuild Gear Kit (230067).

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