A&A Plumbing Labels - What's In The Box

Welcome back, ePoolSupply supporters! In today's blog, I will be going over Pentair In-Floor’s or formerly known as A&A plumbing labels (542583). I will also be adding a YouTube video below our pool professionals have made to show you what they look like and how to properly use them. Please keep reading to learn more!


About The Product

These labels were designed not only for use on Pentair In-Floor(A&A) cleaning equipment sets but for any and all equipment sets alike. They have been quality tested and are made from materials that are designed to last in harsh environments. You can customize your own labels by stringing words together. It is best to only apply these labels to a clean and dry surface.

Plumbing Labels Video Overview

These labels are intended to be put at the point of initial plumbing so that whoever is building your pool, whether it is yourself or a pool professional can mark everything properly. These are really nice and highly recommended for anybody who will be working on your pool in the future to fix or update your equipment. If you happen to sell your house, it will make it a lot easier for the new owners to identify what is what and not have any issues in buying the parts in the future. These labels will withstand the weather as well as the extremely hot sun. The label also has directional arrows so you can actually choose and show which way the flow of the water is going. All of the names on the labels are generic so no matter what system you have you can still label everything properly and it doesn't have to be specifically for Pentair In-Floor Circulation System. It is very important before you put the labels on, clean the area really well and make sure there is no debris. Also to make sure the area is completely dry if you put these on a wet surface they will not adhere the way you want them.

In this video, we walk you through everything that comes included when purchasing A&A Plumbing Labels (542583). These labels make it quick and easy to label and keep track of every part of the pool's plumbing and plumbing lines. If you have any questions about these please contact us and we will help you out the best we can. 

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