Hayward TriVac 700 Tune Up Kit - What's In The Box

Welcome back, ePoolSupply supporters! In today's blog, I will be going over what comes in the box for Haywards TriVac 700 Tune-Up Kit (TVX7000TU). I will also be going over a little bit about the product. I will attach a YouTube video our pool professional has made to show you what comes in the box and to give you some tips to help you out. Keep on reading to learn more! 

About The Product 

The Hayward TriVac 700 tune-up kit (TVX7000TU)  is a replacement part that is made by Hayward. They used the same high-grade materials that were used to make the original factory parts. This makes them genuine OEM parts that all our customers can trust. This tune-up kit was designed to replace most of the main components that are required for the pressure cleaner to operate effectively. These parts are what help provide the cleaner the power and ability to pull up dirt, debris, and other forms of mulch from the surface of an in-ground pool with speed and precision leaving behind a crystal-clear look in its path.

This is a list of all the parts and part numbers that are included in this kit:

What Comes In The Box

When you open the box, you will see a big bag full of the parts for your tune-up kit. One of the first things that will be in the bag is the wheel spokes. They have two large ones for the back tires and two smaller ones for the front tires. They also give you wheel pins and those are what is going to hold the wheels in place. Another thing that will come in the bag is the tires for both the front and rear wheels. You will also get a full set of the spindles and these generally just ride around the outside edge of your pool cleaner. It helps maintain the cleaner into the corners so as soon as it hits a corner it will make the cleaner roll around the corner instead of just being stuck there. The last thing in the bag is the bag kit with the float included. Everything in this kit is mostly just to replace the common wear and tear items. If you needed to replace anything internally then you will search for it on our website and we should have all the products you are looking for. 

In this video, our pool professional walks you through everything that comes included in the box when purchasing a Hayward TriVac 700 Tune-Up Kit (TVX7000TU). The items that are included in the purchase of one of these kits are as follows: Bag Kit with Float (TVX7000BA), Rear Wheel Kit (TVX7000RW-01), Side Roller Kit (TVX7036-234), and finally the Front Wheel Kit (TVX7000FW-01). All of these parts play a role in the overall quality and superb production of the cleaner and will at some point need to be replaced to ensure its integrity. If you have any questions about this please feel free to contact us and we will help you to the best of our ability.

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