A&A Top Feed Complete 5 Port T-Valve Retro-Fit Rebuild Gear Kit - What's in the Box

Welcome ePoolSupply supporters! For today's blog, I will be going over what comes in the bag for Pentair In-Floor formerly known as A&A, top feed complete 5 port t-valve retro fit rebuild gear kit. I will be going over what comes in the bag and a little bit about the overall product. At the bottom of this blog, I have attached a YouTube video our pool professional has made to show you exactly what comes in the bag and he will give you some tips and useful information about the product. Keep on reading to learn more! 

About The Product 

This Kit is for a 5-Port Top Feed A&A Water Valve that has large Acrylic Balls at the bottom of the water valve. This Kit will be eliminating the acrylic balls and replacing them with T-Valves. We highly recommend that you upgrade your valve with this kit.

What Comes In The Bag

This retro kit is meant for if you want to upgrade the internals on the older ball valve. This kit is also good if you are just looking to completely revamp your current t-flap so this is perfect if you are missing anything and just want extra parts. The first thing you will see is the top feed gear kit and this will have a pvc ring on the top. Sometimes the cam will come preattached with the cam on the bottom of the gear kit so if you don’t see it in the bag, then look at the bottom of the gear. The next thing in the bag is the impeller and this will have shorter flanges. In the bag, you will also see that they provide Devcon two-part epoxy. You will need this in conjunction with the t-flaps. Now if you look in the bag you will see a bag with all the t-flaps in it. In the bag with the t-flaps, they will also give you the elevation tool and this is to make sure the flaps sit level. You will also receive a piece of sandpaper and this is if you need to sand down any of the edges. The next thing in the bag, they give you a center shaft and you should replace this because over time with the chemical composition sometimes they get really stuck in the valve. Another thing that comes in the bag is a new o-ring and this is going on the top of the lid where the lid sinks down. They also give you anti-friction discs and a washer. 

What's Included:

  • Gear Assembly
  • Impeller
  • Impeller Shims
  • T-Valve Cam
  • Anti-Friction Washers
  • Top Feed Valve O-Ring
  • 5 T-Valve Flaps (Glue In)
  • Center Shaft
  • Devcon Plastic Welder

In this video, we show you what comes included in the bag when purchasing the A&A Top Feed Complete 5-Port T-Valve Retro-Fit Rebuild Gear Kit (230067). This kit is designed to replace the old Acrylic Ball style Top Feed A&A 5-Port in-floor cleaning valve that has now been discontinued. Now, if you still have the acrylic balls in your valve, they are not damaged in any way, and are currently in good shape, A&A makes the Top Feed 5-Port Ball Valve Complete Rebuild Kit (230060) which is a direct replacement for that specific style valve.

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