A&A Top Feed Complete 6 Port T-Valve Rebuild Gear Kit - What's in the Box

Welcome ePoolSupply supporters! For today's blog, I will be going over what comes in the bag for Pentair In-Floor, formerly known as A&A top feed complete 6 port t-valve rebuild gear kit. I will also be going over a little bit about the product. At the bottom, I have attached a YouTube video our pool professional has made to show you exactly what comes in the bag and to give you some useful tips. Keep on reading to learn more! 

About The Product 

This Kit is for a 6-port Top Feed Water Valve that has the T-Valves at the bottom of the water valve. For both 1-1.5 and 2-inch size pipe (this is the pipe that your valve base is glued into). The Top Feed T-Valve Replacement Parts Kit is packaged with just the right parts for high-quality retrofitting of MagnaSweep, QuikClean, and TurboClean In-Floor Cleaning Systems. 

What Comes In The Bag 

This is only meant for the valves that have the water coming from the top with six ports on the bottom. One of the first things you will see in the bag is the top feed impeller and this will have shorter flanges than the low profile valve. The next thing you will pull out of the bag is the gear kit and this will have a pvc ring that sits on top of the gears. Sometimes the cam will come preattached with the cam on the bottom of the gear kit so if you don’t see it in the bag, then look at the bottom of the gear. The last thing in the bag will be another bag that has some extras in it. In that bag, they give you two anti-friction discs, a center shaft, a washer, and the top o-ring. When putting the o-ring on to keep it tight you should put some lubricant on it. You should also replace the center shaft because over time with the chemical composition sometimes they get really stuck in the valve. The friction disc helps reduce all the friction between the actual cam and the molding of the bottom of your valve. The washer sits between the impeller and gear kit to help reduce friction against the plastic. This will also come with an instruction manual and this will help you install everything properly. 

What’s Included:

  • Center Shaft
  • Anti-Friction Washers(2)
  • Lower Cam
  • Gear Assembly
  • Top Impeller
  • Impeller Shims (2)
  • Outer Base O-Ring

In this video, we show you what comes included in the bag when purchasing the A&A Top Feed Complete 6 Port T-Valve Rebuild Gear Kit (230068). This kit is only intended to work for the Top Feed T-Valve style in-floor cleaning valves manufactured by A&A, They will not work on the Low Profile valves. The purchase of this kit will include the Center Shaft, Anti-Friction Washers (2), Lower Cam, Gear Assembly, Top Impeller, Impeller Shims (2), and last but not least the Outer Base O-Ring.

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