About Swimming Pool Automation

Pool automation, allows you to connect your pool equipment to one central hub via wifi and a control center. With the power of automation, you can take care of all your pool maintenance tasks with a touch of a button. They make your pool more efficient and make the most difference when you have complex or spread-out pool equipment. If you want to learn more about pool automation and which one is best for your pool then keep on reading! 

How The System Works 

The control panel is the hub, it is installed on an exterior wall by the equipment pad. Inside the panel is where the controls sit. When a command is communicated via the app to the router and the signal is received at the control panel it activates the equipment to perform the specified function. Each automation system includes features and accessory options that dictate the way pool owners can command their pools. Some include built-in smartphone and wireless device capabilities. Others require an accessory interface for remote access. There are also optional wireless poolside remotes and indoor control panels for controlling and monitoring pool equipment. There are even speaker devices that allow pool owners to command their pool from inside their house audibly. 

What Pool Equipment Can Be Automated? 

You can automate just about any of your pool equipment. The most common automation is the pool cleaners. Another very common pool equipment that is automated is the lighting. Automated lighting systems allow you to turn your pool into an outdoor oasis, no matter the time of day. With automated lights, you can control your pool lights’ colors and brightness from the comfort of your home. Most automated systems can control heaters, pumps, and filters, and some even can do chemical dosing. 

What Are The Benefits? 

Pool Automation makes the pool more self-sufficient and low maintenance. With this, it saves you time and gives you flexibility. It is also extremely convenient for people who have a busy schedule and just want to relax right away. One huge benefit of using automation is it helps keep your pool clean. When doing everything manually, you can run into the risks of things not being done properly. Using automation, you can ensure your pool is getting the proper attention it needs. Another benefit is it saves energy. Just about everybody can get sidetracked and forget to turn something off.  But with automation, you can schedule these processes to turn on and off so there’s no room for error. One more benefit is it can help prevent any damage to your pool. Pool automation ensures that your pool water is clean, balanced, and sanitized, helping you to extend the life of your equipment and improve the longevity of your pool.

In conclusion, pool automation can be great for just about anybody. Almost all of your pool equipment can be automated to make your life easier. There are so many advantages to having automation in your pool that it is worth the cost. If you are looking to buy one and are not sure which one you would like, please contact us and we can direct you to the best one for you and your pool. With extensive experience in pool repair and maintenance, our experts are here to assist you by walking you through the process of troubleshooting your cleaner. Give us a call at 602-854-9058 or send us an email at support@epoolsupply.com.

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