What’s in the Box? Pentair Legend II Pressure Cleaner

If you are a homeowner who is looking for an energy-efficient, pressure side cleaner that keeps your pool pristine this pool season without a booster pump, one possibility for you to look into is the Pentair Kreepy Krauly Legend II cleaner (LX5000G). This cleaner comes with a variety features that allow it to clean a pool quickly and efficiently while saving on energy costs for the homeowner.     

Why Choose the Legend II?

Energy Efficency 

The Pentair Legend II cleaner runs by attaching to your pool’s return line and operates during the normal filtration cycle without a booster pump, meaning you have one fewer piece of equipment to run. This leads to a substantial savings in your energy costs, as does the fact that this cleaner will clean an entire standard-sized pool in approximately 1-3 hours.    

Design Features

This cleaner features a dual-jetted design which sends water through the cleaner at a quick rate to create a powerful vacuum suction. These two jets provide power, speed, and performance to the Legend II. A four-wheel design helps to ensure the Legend II does not tip over as often as their three-wheeled counterparts, and a wide base helps to ensure this as well. The cleaner also includes an automatic backup feature to assist in preventing hangups near stairs, corners, and other design elements within the pool. A heavy-duty, large-capacity twist lock collection debris bag is included for ease of maintenance. You can purchase this cleaner in either grey and white to match your light-colored pool or in a lovely grey color to match a darker design. A front wheel drive system helps provide better grip for maneuverability and good tracking capabilities, even on inclined surfaces. Whether you have a vinyl, gunite, or fiberglass pool, the Legend II will work well for you as it vacuums and scrubs your pool surfaces (including walls). Each of these cleaners comes with a full 30 feet of hose and is equipped with a large throat intake, making this cleaner a master in its class.    

Included Parts

  • Cleaner Head (LL109PMG)
  • Sand and Silt Bag (360009)
  • Sweep Hose - Attached to Head (LLB5G)
  • Complete 30’ Feed Hose (LX509), including
    • 1 - 18” hose
    • 1 - 2’ hose (360021)
    • 1 - 4.5’ hose
    • 3 - 6’ hoses (360020)
    • 1 - Backup valve (360018)
    • 4 - Swivels (360023)
    • 1 - Wall Fitting (360024)
    • 12 - Mender Nuts (360022)
    • 7 - Hose Floats (LLA20G)
    • 1 - Pressure Tester (LX26)

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